What to Do & Where to Go for an Unforgettable July Vacation in Romania

With summer in full swing, what better time to start planning your next travel adventure, right? And if you still haven’t picked your next destination, consider a July vacation in Romania.

There are plenty of reasons to do so.

You see, July counts as full tourist season in Romania, so the vast majority of attractions and sights are open and ready to welcome tourists.

Tall mountains that offer breathtaking views, enchanting nature, medieval sites, secluded villages and 250 kilometers of unspoiled beaches. These all come bundled with unique experiences to give you a vacation you’ll never forget.

In this article, we’ve included suggestions for travelers daydreaming about sipping cocktails by the beach, medieval enthusiasts, explorers who want to go off the beaten track, and more.

Starting to get excited about spending a July vacation in Romania, one of Europe’s most affordable destination?

Well, this is your guide to adventure, so keep on reading.

Explore the Capital and Make New Friends in the Old Town

Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is a stunning city with gorgeous architecture at every turn and a surprising mix of buildings, ranging from Neo-Romanian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco to communist era style. 

Walk around Bucharest’s Old Town to discover narrow, medieval streets full of charm. Take time to visit some of its best attractions such as:

Then, take a break to grab something to eat and drink.

Bucharest is packed with quirky bars and restaurants which serve authentic food, like “Caru Cu Bere,” Bucharest oldest brewery dating back to 1879.

What’s more, in July, most of the bars and terraces stay open until late in the night, so you can cool off with a Romanian beer in a special place or dance until the sun comes up.



Check out downtown Bucharest, Bucharest Old Town (for medieval streets packed with pubs), Lipscani street (located in the upper part of the Old Town, known for its pulsing nightlife).

Extra TIP: To make the most out of your time in Bucharest and not miss out on any of Bucharest’s must-see attractions, consider a half-day tour of Bucharest, or a full Bucharest sightseeing tour.

Go on a Tour of Romania’s Most Stunning Medieval Castles

One of the things Romania is most famous for it is its stunning medieval attractions. And there are plenty of them to see here.

For this article, though, we chose two of the best medieval castles which are unique in the world:

  • Bran Medieval Castle, where the legend of Dracula comes alive with every traveler who crosses its threshold. Walking through the narrow corridors of the castle and learning about previous events is the best way to get a sense of the history hidden within the castle’s walls.
  • Peles Castle – the former home of the Romanian Royal family. Both the castle and the stunning surrounding landscape make it seem like you stepped into a real-life fairytale. What’s more, each room of the castle is decorated in a different style or theme, so there’s plenty to see.


Bran Castle is located near Brasov, which is also a stunning medieval city. Peles Castle sits on a hill in the picturesque town of Sinaia, the “Pearl of the Carpathians.”

Extra TIP: The two castles are located relatively close to each other, so you can make plans to visit both Bran Castle and Peles Castle in a single day. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, booking a tour is an excellent option.


Enjoy a Scenic Road Trip on the “Best Road in the World”

It’s a title BBC’s Top Gear gave to Romania’s Transfagarasan road, which is 90 km long and reaches an altitude of 2,042 meters.

Connecting the south of Romania with Transylvania, the Transfagarasan road goes straight across the massive Fagaras Mountains (the highest in Romania), following a spiral course.

In addition to a memorable driving experience, the road rewards travelers with spectacular views of surrounding landscapes of the Carpathians.

Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to take great panoramic pictures of the road.

Transfagarasan Road, Romania

You’ll also want to snap some shots of the Balea Lake, an iconic glacial lake located just near the road’s highest point.

Close to the lake, you can stop to take in the sights, buy souvenirs and indulge in some traditional Romanian goods and local cuisine.


The road begins near the village of Bascov, near Pitești, and stretches 90 kilometers (56 miles) to the crossroad between the DN1 and Sibiu.

Extra TIP: If you’re not traveling by personal car while in Romania, you can still enjoy this experience. We recommend our 2-days tour which includes not only the Transfagarasan road when it is open between July and October.

Take a Cable Car to the Top of the Carpathian Mountains

Panoramic sights, fields covered in wildflowers, lush green hills, stunning lakes, mysterious caves, gorgeous waterfalls: they provide the best background for a truly unforgettable vacation.

If you want to experience Romania’s natural beauty and be in awe, head out to the mountains. Bring a hammock and a picnic basket for the ultimate open-air recreation.

In addition to the breathtaking sights and relaxation, though, the Romanian mountains are an excellent location for thrilling outdoor activities which get your blood pumping.

For instance, you can go bear-watching, hike, or take a ride on the cable car to the top of Romania’s tallest mountains. Consider the Bucegi Mountains, which are part of the Southern Carpathians, for this unique experience.

The cable car takes you up to Bucegi Plateau, where wind and rain have turned the rocks into spectacular figures such as the Sphinx and Babele.


There are many mountain resorts worth exploring through the Carpathian Mountains. Some of the most popular ones are Predeal (Brasov County), Sinaia (Prahova County), Paltinis (in the county of Sibiu).

Ride a Bike in Viscri, Transylvania

Remember when you were a kid and summer was one of great thrill and each day came with an exciting discovery? Well, spend a July vacation in Romania and bring some of that excitement back by going off the beaten track and exploring rural Romania.

Romania’s countryside is a land that seems frozen in time. You’ll get to experience this extraordinary atmosphere if you visit the remote, picturesque villages in Transylvania, Bucovina or Maramures.

In Viscri, for instance, the sound of cars honking is replaced by those of birds chirping.  The village is hidden deep in the Transylvanian hills, and instead of the commotion of the city, you get meadows full of wildflowers and animals grazing.

Time seems to run slower around these places. And it’s improbable that you’ll see someone in a hurry.

True adventure begins where the asphalt ends. So, put on your explorer hat, rent a bike and get lost on the streets of charming Viscri.

See farmers work the land by hand or with traditional tools and stop to learn about the history of The Old Saxon Church from the 12th century (now part of UNESCO World Heritage).


Viscri is located in Transylvania, You can also experience the best of rural Romania in Maramures and Bucovina.

Extra TIP: Spend at least one night in the countryside and stay in one of the historical houses carefully restored to accommodate the needs of modern travels. The homes maintain their authentic look but have all facilities to ensure comfort.

Sunbathing by the Black Sea

They say that some of the best memories are made in flip-flops at the beach.

If you happen to agree, then you’ll be happy to know Romanian’s seaside is located just three hour drive from its capital. So, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit if you’re planning a visit in July.

The weather is perfect for hanging out at the beach during this time of year, as it hardly ever rains. And the beaches are not as crowded as they are in August.

What’s more, the Romanian Black Sea resorts and beaches stretch along 275 kilometers of coastline. So, you have plenty of options for basking in the sun.

In terms of fun things to do here, you definitely won’t run out of alternatives. You can take a stroll on the beach, rent a jet ski, take windsurfing lessons, go on an adventure park or rent a sailboat.

After dusk, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife and see why Romania’s seaside clubs are often compared to those in Ibiza.

One thing you should know is that beach life in Romania is quite diverse, with resorts catering to various types of tourists, from parents with young children looking to relax to students in their 20’s who want to party.


Romania’s most popular resorts and beaches are Mamaia (famous for its club scene) and Corbu (quieter and well known for its savage beauty). You can also check out Vama Veche for its hippie atmosphere.

Extra Tip: The ancient city of Constanta is a must-see city on the western coast of the Black Sea. The city has a long and fascinating history, exhibited by its many Roman vestiges, historic buildings, facades, and mosques you can visit in the Old City Centre. All these must-see attractions are included in our One Day Tour.

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Start Planning Your July Vacation in Romania. Then, Start Packing

Summer’s best days will be gone before you know it, but if you make great memories, that sunny, summer vibe can stay with you all year long.

Use the information and tips in this article as a jumping-off point for your dream vacation. Wherever you choose to go and whatever you decide to do, we hope this summer will be one for the books!

If you have any questions about the tours mentioned in this article or are looking for more suggestions on traveling to Romania, you can contact us at 40 735 525 710.


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