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Best Romanian Road? Transfagarasan vs Transalpina – or Both

Long-distance driving is not always an experience people look forward to. It usually depends on the destination in sight. However, the road plays an important role and it can brighten the driver and passenger’s day thanks to the scenery.

So, if you’re traveling to Romania and looking for the best Romanian road, Transalpina and Transfagarasan have to be on your bucket list. Read on to find out why.

Transalpina – Romania’s Highest Road

It is uncertain who paved this road for the first time. Some sources claim it was the Roman legions during the war versus the Dacians. Then it was rebuilt by local families. Later on, some claim it was paved by the Germans, during the First World War.

However, the locals claim what today may be considered the best Romanian road was an old trail used by shepherds called ‘The Devil’s Trail’.

Granted, Transalpina still isn’t 100% complete.

But it sure is stunningly beautiful and offers a complete experience to any driver and passengers. It will take you a while to complete your journey as you may want to stop every other five minutes to snap a photo of the scenery.

Transalpina’s highest point reaches 2,145 meters above sea level.

While you’re driving, you’ll want to stop for:

  • Oltetului gorge – deep and narrow with vertical walls
  • Polovragi cave – almost nine kilometers deep
  • Polovragi monastery – over 500 years old

Is Transfagarasan Best Romanian Road?

This road was built in just four years, between 1970 and 1974. It was ordered by the communist leader Ceausescu. Even the army was called in to help – two battalions, actually. When it was finally ready, 40 people had lost their lives to the harsh working conditions.

On your way through Transfagarasan, you’ll have to stop at some key points:

  • Balea Waterfall – 1,200 meters (you’ll have to walk a bit on foot)
  • Balea Lake – 2,040 meters
  • Vidraru Dam – especially if you’d like to experience the thrills of bungee jumping
  • Poenari Citadelle – Dracula’s second residence

Transfagarasan was also featured on one of the most popular car shows in the world. Here’s how the three-car journalists from Top Gear felt driving along the Transfagarasan:

Why Choose When You Can Have Both?

There is absolutely no way to determine which of the two is the best Romanian road. That’s because together they create the stuff dreams are made of. The Transalpina and the Transfagarasan are surely the most spectacular roads in Romania. Together they give you that almost perfect driving holiday you want.

But what happens if you can’t bring your car with you? No worries, TravelMaker has got you covered.

We’ve put together a special two days tour that gives you the experience of the best Romanian roads and much more.

You will be departing from your hotel in Bucharest and travel by car or minibus to some of the most spectacular tourist objectives on your way to Sibiu, via the Transfagarasan.

The next day you’ll cross the Carpathian mountains again, but using the Transalpina road. You’ll be taken back to your hotel in Bucharest with a ton of good memories and some amazing photos.

Call us at 40 735 525 710 or get in touch with us online if you want to learn more about this tour.


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