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Travel Bloggers in Romania – Interview with Marissa Tejada

Looking for your next travel destination? Why not choose Romania?

With its vibrant Bucharest, the medieval cities, the countryside, the amazing mountain landscapes, the beautiful castles, the food, the friendly people… Romania is a treasure trove of things to do and places to go and has plenty of surprises for the curious traveler. And not to mention the affordable prices!

You don’t believe us? Check out our interview with lovely Marissa Tejada, a successful travel writer, blogger, and award-winning journalist, which has visited Romania for the second time and is already eager to come back.

Tours from Bucharest with TravelMaker

Marissa was our first guest on our most popular Two Castles in One Day Tour and wanted to share her impression through our “Travel Bloggers in Romania” project, which aims to objectively offer you tips and stories about what it is like to visit Romania as a foreigner.

Marissa is a member of the exclusive Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) and writes for top travel media including CNN Travel, Forbes, Lonely Planet, and more.  She also publishes a popular blog called Travel Greece, Travel Europe which focuses on food and travel adventures throughout Europe. 

What to see in one day and which are the top attractions in Bucharest are some of the most frequent questions and so we asked, too.

Bucharest’s Old Town is one of Marissa`s favorite attractions in Romania and we couldn’t agree more. Once a rundown area, now a vibrant quarter for fun and entertainment, the Old Town, or Centrul Vechi, will charm you at first sight.  

From the stunning hotel and traditional Romanian restaurant, Hanul lui Manuc (Manuc`s Inn) to surely Bucharest’s most famous and popular restaurant Caru cu Bere, to hearty walks on the paved streets, boasting with art and antique shops, bookstores, theaters, and countless terraces, Bucharest’s Old Town is definitely a place to explore.

Yet, Bucharest is not only about the old town. Charm is found throughout the city and a stroll along the Calea Victoriei (Victoriei`s Avenue) is the perfect way to experience Romania’s capital beauty, with its perfect blend of old and modern.

The Concert Hall of the Romanian Atheneum, Bucharest, Photo credit – Marissa Tejeda

Jam-packed with museums, nightclubs, and restaurants, you will find that the perpetual problem with touring Bucharest is not finding things to do; it’s finding the time to do them all. Here are some examples: The Palace of the Parliament or People’s Palace, the second-largest building in the world, the Old Princely Court (Curtea Veche), with its delicate church painted in the XVIth century, the National Museum of Art, the Romanian Atheneum, Cismigiu Gardens or Herastrau Park.  

Answers to several other questions, like is Romania Dracula’s Land or not, are Romanian people friendly, which are the Romanian traditional dishes… are just a click away! Just follow this weblink and find it by yourself!

Peles royal castle, Photo credit – Marissa Tejeda

Check out the full articles about Marissa’s travel experience to the Romanian castles on her travel blog here and which are the highlights of Bucharest here.

For relevant information or to plan your perfect visit to Romania, do not hesitate to contact us we would be more than happy to help you.


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