Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? Best Romanian Attractions Each Season

In this post, we’ll skip the exotic places and instead talk about Romanian attractions to visit in each season.

One of the first things you check when you’re trying to decide on a holiday destination is what’s the weather going to be like in a particular season. For example, if you choose an exotic destination, then you want to make sure the weather will be nice and sunny.

No matter the season, Romania is packed with amazing destinations that can pick your interest.

Here are the main destinations we recommend visiting.

Romanian Attractions to Visit During Spring

In Romania, March can be a little bit chilly, but starting with April, the trees and flowers will start to blossom and the sun rays will warm up people’s skin again.

Here’s what you should visit in Romania during the spring:

1. Bucharest Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was founded back in 1860, but it was moved to its current location in 1884. It has a surface of 17.5 hectares, greenhouses that stretch on about 4.000 square feet and there are more than 10,000 species of plants, 1.000 being exotic plants.

Late spring is the perfect time to visit the Botanical Gardens because you’ll get to see how nature comes to life in a unique environment.

Since the area is big, you can always find a spot to relax and unwind even when there are a lot of visitors.

2. The Danube Delta

April and May are definitely the best months you can choose to visit the Danube Delta, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. It is the second-largest river delta in Europe after the Volga and the best preserved in Europe.

In April, the first aquatic vegetation will become visible and by May, everything will be green, water lilies will be blooming and the shores will be packed with spring flowers.

In the springtime, you will also be able to see over 200 bird species which makes the Danube Delta a unique destination you don’t want to miss.

3. Bucovina

Bucovina is a historical region in the Northeastern part of Romania. The term comes from the German word “Buchenland” and it’s translated as “the Land of Beech Trees”.

In 1975, this region received the Pomme d’Or international prize by the International Federation of Travel Writers and Tourism Journalists.

Bucovina can best be described as a place where the authentic rural life and picturesque sceneries come together. The painted monasteries are the most representative attractions here, so you definitely need to visit these landmarks.

Moldovita, Probota, Sucevita and Voronet are the most popular ones.

Romanian Attractions to Visit in the Summer Time

In July and August, the weather can get pretty hot in Romania. But despite the high temperatures, there are plenty of attractions you can visit and enjoy a few Romanian summer days.

1. Black Sea Coast

Constanta is the main city that is closest to the Black Sea and it’s also Romania’s largest port. You can travel here by car from Bucharest, which will take approximately three hours or you can travel by plane.

Constanta has an airport which is connected to the main European capitals through charter flights during the summer.

The Black Sea Coast has a lot of resorts you can stay at or visit, Mamaia being the most popular one and also the one which is closest to Constanta.

2. Bran Castle

Bran Castle, commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, is situated in the vicinity of Brasov, a city which is in the mountain area.

In this area, it does not get as hot during the summer compared to other regions, which means the weather is just perfect to visit a landmark as impressive as the Bran Castle.

If you want to learn a little bit of medieval history and the truth about Dracula, while enjoying the fresh mountain air, then the Bran Castle is not to be missed.

Bran Castle, Romania

3. Slanic Salt Mine

This is the largest salt mine in Europe opened to the public. It is located at a depth of 208 meters, in the Prahova Valley, approximately 100 km from Bucharest.

The temperature in the mine is 12 degrees Celsius throughout the entire year and it’s formed out of 14 rooms which are trapezium-shaped.

In the salt mine, there are playing grounds, a sports ground, a room with tables for pool, and a barroom, so you can definitely spend a couple of hours inside and enjoy the coolness on a hot summer day.

Romanian Attractions to Visit in the Fall

Romania is definitely one of the most beautiful fall travel destinations. There are lots of places you can visit to witness how nature is changing its colors.

Here are the top attractions we recommend.

1. Maramures

Maramures is a scenery region situated in the northwestern part of Romania. Plenty of villages are scattered on these hills which change to beautiful rusty colors in the fall.

This region is well-known for its impressive wooden churches, traditional houses, and the Merry Cemetery which is unique in the world. Lastly, taking a ride on the Mocanita is a must for anyone who comes to Maramures.

Mocanita is an old steam train that takes tourists alongside Vaser Valley, which crosses several mountain ridges. The steam train goes very slowly which will allow you to take a lot of pictures and enjoy every second of the ride.

2. Transfagarasan

Transfagarasan has been rated the world’s most spectacular road by Top Gear. It’s one of Romania’s most popular tourist attractions and it stretches on more than 150 kilometers.

The road closes at the end of October, so if you plan a visit here, you should go either in September or October so you don’t miss out on this amazing experience.

The highest point of the road reaches 2,042 meters, so it can get pretty chilly once you get there. It’s a winding road, dotted with steep hairpin turns, long S-curves, and sharp descents, which makes it a dream for all travelers.

Transfagarasan has one of the best fall views and breathtaking fall colors you could ever see.

Transfagarasan Road, Romania

3. Transylvania

In Transylvania, there are more than 150 fortified churches, which represent the most popular attraction in this region. You can also visit the Saxon villages and find out more about the local old traditions villagers are still keeping alive to this day.

Large valleys, impressive mountains, picturesque views, and the authentic country life awaits you in Transylvania.

If you love taking pictures, then you won’t let your camera down when visiting this region in the fall.

Romanian Attractions to Visit in the Winter

Romania has a continental climate, which means the winters can get quite crisp and in the mountain area, there is usually a lot of snow.

Even though it gets cold, you still have quite a lot of beautiful destinations to experience during winter. Here are the best ones we recommend.

1. Balea Ice Hotel

You can actually visit and sleep in an ice hotel, which is built every winter since 2005, at the heart of the Fagaras Mountains.

The hotel is made entirely out of ice, including the beds and the furniture. It is situated at 2,034 meters above sea level, the average temperature inside the hotel is between -2 and 2 degrees Celsius and it welcomes over 8,000 guests every year.

Even if this is not the warmest hotel you can find, there are lots of blankets, pillows, and furs on the beds and all the guests receive warm sleeping bags, so you won’t be cold at all.

2. Sibiu

Sibiu is one of the most popular cities in Romania for a few good reasons:

  • Saxon heritage
  • Welcoming people
  • Tasty cuisine
  • Impressive, fortified citadels
  • Plenty of cultural events
  • Historical monuments
  • Old towers and fortifications.

The best thing about visiting Sibiu in the winter, more specifically in December, is the fact you can experience the Christmas Fair.

Each year, the fair is organized in the Big Square and it attracts plenty of tourists from all over the world. The Austrian Embassy in Romania claimed that the Sibiu Christmas Fair is in the top 10 of the most beautiful ones in the world.

Even if you won’t get a chance to visit Sibiu in December, you can still enjoy the other amazing attractions, such as museums, churches, old towers, narrow streets, and of course, the Bridge of Lies.

3. Brasov

Winter is associated with the mountains, which means Brasov, a well-preserved medieval city, is the perfect city for the holidays.

Brasov represents the perfect mix of wonderful mountains, medieval history, and German influences that are present in the old town.

This city is also well-known due to Poiana Brasov, which is a mountain resort just 13 km away from Brasov. So if you’re into skiing or snowboarding, you can practice your favorite winter sport here.

Brasov is a fairytale destination and if you decide to ride the cable car up Tampa Mountain, you’ll get to see the entire city from above and how festive the roofs look like when they’re all covered in snow.

Romania Is Worth a Visit in Every Season

Romania is one of the most beautiful and affordable destinations in Europe. And as you can see, there are plenty of attractions you can visit regardless of the season you decide to go on holiday.

If one or more of these fantastic attractions caught your attention, then perhaps you will be interested in booking a tour with us.

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