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Romanian Fall Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss out on

Fall is such a perfect season for travel. Mainly because people get back to work and kids go back to school, as well. So some destinations, such as Romania, won’t be as crowded as they were during the summer.

Moreover, the weather is kind of perfect for exploring as much as you can by foot.

Are you interested in some amazing Romanian fall destinations? Then keep reading the article to discover our best tips when it comes to visiting Romania in the fall.

The Best Romanian Fall Destinations

1. Transylvanian Hillocks and the Saxon villages

The Saxon villages are one of the most popular and traditional attractions in Transylvania. If you want to discover a fairy-tale destination and also find out more about Romania’s rich cultural heritage, you need to visit this area.

Viscri, Malancrav, Copsa Mare, Crit, Cisnadioara, Biertan or Saschiz are just some of the most beautiful villages you need to visit in the area.

In these villages, you will find the purest rural life and admire the unique architecture. What’s amazing about these villages is you can actually sleep in an authentic Saxon guest house and eat some tasty food prepared by the locals with all natural ingredients.

Transylvania is also well-known for its magnificent hillocks. The villages located in the area are genuine ecomuseums.

Transylvanian Highlands is an ecotourism destination and here you can find seven natural areas protected at the European level, one protected area of national interest, and two others of local interest.


2. Bucovina secluded forests and its monasteries

Bucovina is situated in the North-East of Romania and it’s surrounded by mountains, green hills and rivers.

This region has centuries of culture and traditions and its secluded forests on top of the mountains add to the scenic views. Bucovina also has some forest reservations you can visit, such as:

  • The Juniper and Swiss Pine reservation
  • Slatioara secular high forest
  • Sarul Dornei oligotrophic swamp
  • The Dragomirna Beachwood
  • Poiana Stampei oligotrophic swamp.

Aside from the forests, one of the most appreciated Romanian fall destinations in this area are the painted monasteries.

The exterior walls of these monasteries are painted with elaborate 15th and 16th-century frescoes. The paintings mainly represent portraits of saints, scenes from the life of Jesus, angels and demons and heaven and hell.

Sucevita, Voronet, Arbore, Humor, Moldovita are just some of the most beautiful painted monasteries you need to visit in Bucovina and are a one of a kind architectural site in Europe.

3. Maramures villages

As The Telegraph once said, “Maramures is a rural fairytale” and we couldn’t agree more. Many of the villages in this region have clung to their culture and traditions.

If you want to discover a different side of Romania, an authentic one, then Maramures is the place to be.

The villages in this area are well-known for its wooden architecture and beautifully crafted doors. There’s also a lot of craftwork happening here, so you can actually see how people weave, how they make clay pots, hats or baskets.

The people living here are extremely kind and they’re always willing to show anyone their work and their traditions.

4. Transylvania wine cellars

Even though Transylvania does not have the largest vineyards, the quality of the wines produced here is what matters.

The wine culture has been developing for centuries in the region mainly thanks to the climate and the landscape. The climate is actually ideal for white wine because The Carpathian Mountains surround this region.

Fall is the perfect season to enjoy quality wine in a region such as Transylvania, so don’t hesitate to include it in your itinerary.

Take Advantage of These Amazing Romanian Fall Destinations

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take at least one week off work and visit these amazing fall destinations.

If you’re worried you don’t know where to go first or what to visit, then you can count on us and book one of our private yours.

We’ve made sure to include Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina on the list so you won’t miss out on these amazing places.

If you need more details about our tours or have any questions, contact us at 40 735 525 710


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