Enjoying the Romanian Seaside and the Danube Delta

As everybody’s favorite vacation season is slowly approaching, your mind might already be wondering what will this year’s destination be. To enjoy the sun, a bit of culture, and an incredible wildlife experience we recommend visiting the Romanian Seaside and the Danube Delta.

The easiest way is for you to book our tour, fly to Bucharest, and enjoy the experience. Our 2-day tour in the wetlands includes:

  • A visit to the Constanta city (known as Tomis in ancient times),
  • Boat ride in the heart of the Danube Delta,
  • Sightseeing incredible species of birds and fish
  • Transport from and back to Bucharest. 

Don’t hesitate! Book in advance.

There is even more in terms of attractions and activities when you think of the Romanian seaside. Finding a great location is not necessarily dictated by budget or services included but by personal preference. 

The resorts are different, catering to other tourists depending on what attracts them in terms of their interests and the activities they are searching for. To help you in deciding where to book your accommodation, we are sharing with you the top location you should consider. 

Best Romanian Seaside Resorts

A great summer holiday means relaxation, waves, and soaking in the sun. There are a few great resorts based on the type of experience you want to have. 

Eforie Nord – For Peaceful Family Trips

This seaside resort is the best option when you are looking to shut down the city noise. It has great sandy beaches and it is near the spa resort of Techirghiol. It is the second-largest resort area on the Romanian seaside.

Here you can rejuvenate your skin and body with treatments and therapies using the sapropelic mud from the salt lake. The natural substances are also claimed to help with rheumatic or bone health issues, you might have.

There are a few sports fields and pools where you can pass the time, either at the hotel, you are staying or nearby your accommodation. 

Constanța – The Popular Destination 

The most known and the most visited resort is part of the city of Constanta. A larger city means more options when it comes to:

  • Restaurant options,
  • Shopping,
  • Culture,
  • Clubs and late-night activities.

It is also home to the Never Sea, a music festival one of the best in the country when it comes to electronic music. 

Our tour of the city Constanta focused more on how its history makes the Romanian seaside a great destination. 

You’ll get to see the main landmarks of the city and be back in Bucharest on the same day. With us you’ll visit:

  • The Museum of Archeology and History Constanta
  • The Roman Edifice with mosaic
  • The statue of Ovidius
  • The Muslim Mosque
  • The Orthodox Cathedral
  • The Aquarium Constanta.

Book today for an unforgettable vacation. 

Neptun – Top Experience on the Romanian Seaside

It is said to have the best beaches on the Romanian coastline. La Steaguri beach is the destination you should keep in mind when staying in this resort. 

The combination of the high degree of mineralization of the water with the sulfur-rich hot springs will make your vacation count as improving your health not just relaxing under the sun. 

Watching open-air cinema, mini-golf are just some of the activities you could also try while spending your time in this Romanian seaside resort. 

Mamaia – The Seaside Nightlife 

If you’d have to compare it to other destinations across the planet, the first ones that come to mind would be Ibiza and Miami. The city is always full of music but after nightfall, it’s when it really comes to life. 

Even some of the most popular clubs in Bucharest move their summer residence to this city. In the end, it’s all about stylish parties and this city.

Vama Veche – with Boho Vibes

For those of you that want to try an authentic Romanian seaside experience, Vama is the best option. It’s far from commercial and many tourists choose to have a tent close to the sea rather than a hostel room. 

It’s a great place to:

  • Take life easy,
  • Dance in the sand till the morning light,
  • Befriend local young groups, 
  • And spend less than you expect.

Each year a folk music festival is held here know as “FOLK YOU Florian Pittiș”. Romanian music gathers a lot of young people interested in current social problems within the country. They are also keen to have a good night with incredible live music. It’s a great place to spark up amazing conversations.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect based on the resort you choose It might be a great idea to get a little familiar with the touristic destinations.

Don’t Miss Destinations along the Romanian Coastline

Besides the seaside feel that any summer holiday might have, the Romanian seaside is also rich with:

  • History
  • Diversity
  • Wildlife
  • And family activities.

If you’re spending your days here make sure you take the time to visit these incredible attractions. We’ll focus on some of the most popular but they are not the only ones to consider. 

If you like more help in creating your own personal adventure let us know. We can help you plan a private tour of any area in Romania. Let us know what you are interested in seeing and we will take care of the sometimes stressful details.

It’s incredible to think that only a few miles away from the sand of the beach you can find wetlands full of life, ancient citadels and much more. Here are the destinations that you should miss.

The Danube Delta

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is something very different from anything you’ve seen before. Whether you decide to accompany us on a guided tour or adventure on your own, the remote fishing villages, the tall marshland, and the natural diversity will astonish you.

The extended wildlife sanctuary is home to:

  • Over 300 species of birds,
  • More than 5,500 flora and fauna species,
  • Bottlenose dolphin,
  • the European mink,
  • And many more.

Most of these species of animals and plants can only live here. The locals are usually engaged in agricultural, fishing and tourism activities. 

You’ll find many incredible fish dishes here that are cooked as only the locals know how. For many enthusiasts, bird watching is a great activity to enjoy for the day. 

What many people that have seen the whole wetlands will tell you, is to get to Mila 23. This is one of the small villages in the area that is only accessible by boat. Which means that it is not the easiest destination possible. 

The hustle of getting there compensates through its incredible colors and quinte atmosphere. It’s a great destination if you want to run away from your day to day life. You can really feel that nothing from the worries, turmoil, and attention grabbers can find you here.

You can also find a place to stay overnight here if you book in advance. 

This magical place called the Danube Delta will enrich your life even with just a short visit. Just thinking that you need a boat to reach one village from the next should make you understand how drastically different it is from your normal day to day.

The Great Wineries of Dobrogea

When you are thinking of a relaxing night, a glass of wine might already be part of the picture. Near the Romanian seaside, you can taste some flavor intense wines

Some of the best options when it comes to wineries in the area include:

  • Murfatlar,
  • Ostrov, 
  • Sarica Niculitel,
  • Crama Alira,
  • Domeniile Clos des Colombes,
  • Crama Darie,
  • Domeniile Adamclisi.

The region is well known for its high-quality wines dating back to Roman times. Between the 14th and the 19th centuries, the local types of wine were enriched by strands brought from across the sea.

On a normal visit to the domains, you’ll get to walk around the vineyard, learn more about the types and tastes of wines. The process of storing and creating wine is also important for the final taste. 

Some of these locations have restaurants, accommodation or wine museums as well. 

Visit the ancient ruins of Histria

The ancient Greek citadel was built next to the Sinoe lake as a port to the Black Sea. Its name comes from the ancient Greek name of the Danube, Istros. 

It is considered to be the first fortified city built on Romanian soil. 

In time, it was consolidated and modernized by the Romanian living in the area. As the city prospered, many invaders came and destroyed the walls of the old city. But time and time again it was rebuilt maybe by the many craftsmen that lived here and in the surrounding areas.

In time, the citadel was no longer on the Romanian seaside and no longer a port. As more silt was brought by the Danube water, the citadel was abandoned and nature took its course, hiding it under the ground. It is still a great lesson in history and many ancient crafting objects can be admired here.

Plan Family Activities at Mamaia Aqua Magic

One last idea to enrich your holiday on the Romanian seaside is to take everyone to a fun water park day

The Mamaia Aqua Magic offers just that. You’ll get to have fun while sliding in water tunnels, going down on slides. 

Prices for a one day pass are:

  • 20-30 lei for a child (4-6.3 euros)
  • 40-70 lei for an adult (8-15 euros)

They also offer family promotions so make sure to check before you buy the ticket as their sales change every month.

A Complete Holiday near the Danube Delta 

What makes the Romanian seaside a perfect destination for your holiday is the multitude of options it offers. You can easily explore nature, relax, and learn in this area without having to go too far. 

The Danube Delta should be an obvious part of your trip. It’s a hidden European gem. Even if you plan on spending your time in Bucharest we can make your plans happen. 

Book our 2 days tour. You’ll get a full understanding of this unique ecosystem as well as get to visit Constanta city and its historical landmarks. We’d love to make your acquaintance.


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