What to do this Autumn in Transylvania?

Autumn in Transylvania has an impressive effect on the landscape with the whole pallet of colors painted on the hills, with white mountains peaks. In September and October, the temperatures are quite comfortable with light rains, which means the landmarks you can visit are usually less crowded.

All these make for great reasons to visit this month. The 3-day tour starts in Bucharest and takes you off to the Transylvanian towns and castles. After enjoying the local foods and scenery will leave back off at your hotel. Find out more and book it here.

But the views aren’t everything. What makes a trip worth it are the amazing activities you take part in. So let’s find out what you can do this autumn in Transylvania.

1. Visit Sighișoara

This town feels like it is bent on keeping its medieval aspect. Autumn in Transylvania brings it even more so alive alongside the Dracula stories connected to Sighișoara.

There are many craftsmen and harvest festivals you can enjoy at this time of the year as well. The precious things you can buy here include:

  • Fresh eco-friendly vegetables and fruits
  • Homemade jams, vegetable paste, and sweets
  • Small Clay pottery and plates
  • Romanian and Saxon traditional clothing
  • Trinkets and beaded jewelry with traditional symbols.

You’ll also get to enjoy a traditional show with dancing and live music performed by bands from nearby counties. This destination is also included in our 3-day tour.

2. Attend Dracula’s Halloween party

The stories of vampires, ghosts, and werewolves are what bring tourists to Bran Castle’s Halloween Party. This location is the inspiration to Bram Stocker’s novel that made so many themed movies come to life.

You can visit the castle and then join the tent party this autumn in Transylvania. Numerous tourists from around the globe come to take part in this amazing celebration of spookiness.

3. Winding through the 7 Ladder Canyon

For an active vacation in autumn in Transylvania, the 7 Ladder Canyon is a great destination. Its narrow ladders and waterfalls are what will make this hiking experience unforgettable.

In the mountain crevice, you’ll climb almost vertical ladders and pass on metal bridges, while being only an arm’s length away from the mountain wall.

If you plan your own trip here are some logistical aspects you should know:

  • The path is open all year long (excluding major holidays and a few maintenance days)
  • The schedule starts at 10 AM and is open until 5 PM
  • The price of the tickets is 10 RON for adults and 5 RON for children and students.
  • There is also a Zipline path that you can take. Depending on your level of expertise you can choose a shorter or longer path (from 47 m to 273 m in total). The price is 50 RON per person.

Autumn in Transylvania

For a fall vacation, Transylvania is an ideal destination. You’ll get to enjoy great landmarks and activities in pleasant weather and with shorter waiting lines.

We encourage you to book our 3-day tour at this time of the year to get an overall sense of the area.


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