Where to Go so You Can Experience the Countryside in Romania

The countryside in Romania fascinates tourists from all over the world with its fairytale landscapes, Saxon villages, fortified churches, and rural life.

There are plenty of remote areas where you can live like a local for a few days, fully relax, indulge yourself with traditional, delicious food and truly experience slow living.

The rural life can be encountered at its fullest in this country, so we thought we would weigh in and talk about some of the best countryside regions.

Here are the main areas we recommend exploring this summer.

Where to Experience the Countryside in Romania

1. Transylvania

The land of Transylvania, a region situated in the center of Romania, is best known for its medieval towns and villages and fortified churches.

German colonists arrived in this area more than 800 years ago and built hundreds of fortified churches to protect themselves from attacks. Even though the majority of the Germans had migrated from the region, their legacy has not disappeared.


Rimetea, Viscri, Biertan, and Saschiz are some of the most beautiful villages you can visit in Transylvania, which will amaze you with their rich heritage, history, and architecture.

The remote villages in the Apuseni Mountains are also worth seeing, especially if you want to discover the local life and the traditions that have been preserved.

In the area, there are also a number of impressive caves, such as Scarisoara or Bears’ Cave, which don’t require any special equipment to explore.

2. Bucovina

The countryside will take your breath away as soon as you arrive in the Bukovina region, which is situated in the north of Romania. Here you will find unspoiled mountain scenery and charming traditional villages located in valleys and on green hills.

The villages in Bucovina have plenty of colorful houses which are painted with motifs inspired by the traditional Romanian costumes. The same motif can be found on the Town Hall and Post Office buildings as well.

Exploring these villages by foot will definitely bring you closer to the countryside in Romania and the traditions from this area.

Aside from these unique traditional houses, Bucovina is also known for its impressive painted monasteries, which have been built more than 300 years ago.

3. Maramures  

Maramures, a region situated in the Northwest of Romania, is known for its timeless vibe. The villagers have preserved century-old traditions and are still including them in their daily life.

Their houses are characterized by traditional carved wooden gates with tall spires. The gates are supported by three columns and feature traditional motifs such as the sun and the twisted rope.

Aside from these impressive wooden gates, in Maramures, you’ll also find tall, distinctive wooden churches, with high roofs and pointed steeples.

Maramures is dominated by large valleys and diverse flora and fauna, so it’s a must-see for countryside lovers.


Ready to Experience the Countryside in Romania?

A trip to Romania cannot be complete if you don’t explore the countryside and the traditions which villagers in these three beautiful regions have been keeping alive to this day.

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