Where to Escape the Heat when Visiting Romania

Summer is probably the best season for visiting Romania because you get a lot of hours of daylight, plenty of sun and overall you have a lot more activities to choose from.

However, it can become a problem when the weather gets too hot. That is why we want to recommend a few cool places where you can escape the heat in Romania for at least a few hours and have an amazing time, as well.

The Contemporary Art Museum in Bucharest (MNAC)

If you’re in Bucharest and the heat is stopping you from taking a stroll on the city streets, then visiting a museum is a great choice. The capital of Romania has a great selection of museums and the Contemporary Art Museum is one where you can spend several hours, admiring exhibitions or attending certain events.

MNAC was founded in 2001 and it’s now recognized as an institution which promotes, exhibits and researches the Romanian contemporary art. The museum can be found inside the Palace of the Parliament.

When you plan your visit to MNAC, it’s important to note it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Dambovicioara Cave

Even though summers can get pretty hot near Bucharest, the good news is there are plenty of places where you can escape the heat which are within a couple of hours drive, such as Dambovicioara Cave.

This is one of the most popular caves in Romania. It is situated in the southern side of Piatra Craiului Mountains and the left side of Dambovicioara Valley.

Even though only the first 250 meters of the cave can be visited, it has an impressive, karst relief. The average temperature is between 10-12 degrees Celsius, so this place can definitely help you forget about the heat when visiting Romania.

Slanic Prahova Salt Mine

This is the largest salt mine in Europe and it is located in Slanic, Prahova County, Romania, which is approximately 100 kilometers North of Bucharest.

Slanic is known as the most important bath touring resorts in Romania. The salt mine has 14 rooms with an opening of 10 meters to the ceiling, 32 meters to the foot and a height of 54 meters. The depth of the salt mine is 208 meters.

Balea Lake


Balea Lake is a glacier lake which makes it the most visited lake in Romania. What’s more is that not only the area surrounding the lake is breathtaking, but the road to it has amazing landscapes, as well.

Balea Lake is situated at 2.034 meters of altitude in the Fagaras Mountains. A lot of people love to come here and escape the heat in the summer because it’s the perfect place to relax and spend a few hours breathing fresh, mountain air.

Visiting Romania and Its Cool Parts

Romania has plenty of mountain regions where you can cool off during hot summer days, relax and admire picturesque sceneries.

We hope our ideas will inspire you to explore the country even more, especially because it has so many great things to offer. If you want to book a tour with us when visiting Romania this summer or you simply want more recommendations on places you can visit, feel free to give us a call at +40 735 525 710.


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