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Best Places to Spend the National Day of Romania

When visiting a foreign country, you surely want to discover authentic experiences and local traditions that enrich and broaden your horizon.

And what better time to experience all the above than during a major celebration, right? Visit Romania on its National Day (1st of December) for a chance to enjoy:

  • Local traditions
  • Folk dances in city squares
  • Traditional meals
  • Festive events taking place all over the country
  • A lively atmosphere all around

Have we sparked your interest yet? If so, make sure to check out our best suggestions for spending December the 1st in Romania.

Find out more about what the National Day means to Romanians and the history behind it.

Explore the Country’s Capital – Bucharest

Romania’s National Day is the perfect occasion to visit Bucharest, as there are several celebratory events taking place that day.

Maybe the most famous one is the military parade. The event is held in the morning and is typically followed by a folk music show.

Our Half-day Bucharest sightseeing tour covers the central area where all these happen. Also, the Village Museum (open on December the 1st: 10 AM – 6 PM) is included.

This is where you can have a true taste of the authentic Romanian spirit by attending the traditional shows and fairs.

You can even taste local foods and experience the traditional Romanian village atmosphere. Villagers are roaming around in traditional attire, selling their produce.

The antiquated Romanian houses in this open-air museum convey a time-stopping vibe. You’ll be transported to another era – the perfect escape!

An escapist’s delight could also be the Mogosoaia palace tour.

Located near Bucharest, this palace (open on December the 1st: 10 AM – 6 PM) is a refreshing embodiment of a unique Romanian architectural style – the Brancovenesc architecture.

To end your day, you can enjoy the Evening Bucharest tour that features a delicious traditional dinner.

Well, this would be the icing on the cake for the National Day celebration, right?

See Two Splendid Castles in One Day

If the crowded celebrations are not necessarily your cup of tea, maybe a mountain retreat would appeal to you more.

If so, consider our Two Castles in One Day Tour which will enable you to visit both Peles Castle and Bran Castle.

Peles Castle is a must-see attraction if you decide to visit Romania. It’s world-famous – and with good reason.

Located in the mountain city Sinaia, it is a royal architectonic jewel that brings back a 19th-century vibe.

The first electrified castle in Europe, Peles embodies the grandeur of Romanian nobility during king Carol I’s reign.

Visiting hours on December the 1st: 9:15 AM – 4:15 PM.

In the proximity of Brasov, there is another unique Romanian castle full of historical prestige – the Bran Castle.

Surrounded by the Bucegi mountains, the castle bears the mark of king Vlad Tepes (the one who inspired the count Dracula myth).

Visiting hours on December the 1st: 9 AM – 4 PM.

Ready to Experience Romania’s Authentic Charm?

Romania’s National Day provides the perfect incentive to explore the country’s unique charm and find out more about its history.

Visit Romania on the 1st of December and see how Romanians celebrate their individuality and how much they value their heritage.

If you need more details, you can find them on our website or by contacting us here.


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