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The summer began with a visit of Paola, owner of “Talk About travel” blog from Italy. Together with Alessandro, her partner, came to Bucharest, Romania, to discover which are the highlights of Romania and which is the best and most efficient way to visit them. We had the pleasure of traveling with them during our small group Two Castles in One Day tour from Bucharest to Transylvania and now we are curious to find out their thoughts about their visit to Romania? So, here we go 🙂

1.Can you please tell us couple of things about yourself and your travel blog: How everything started and what are you writing about?

We are Paola and Alessandro and together we are Talk about travel!

Talk about travel is a world full of words and pictures on the go, a space born to share our passion. We are curious and charming people, respectful of the beauties of nature and culture that the world offers us. We love our homeland, Lake Como in Italy, but we always have a flight or a hotel booked somewhere in the world, with our passport in the hand.

2. Quick questions:

  • Sunset or sunrise? Sunset
  • City or countryside? Both!
  • Beach or mountain? Absolutely beach!
  • Favourite quote? “The journey is never over. You have to see what you’ve missed the first time and see again what you already saw” J.Saramago
  • I hate when I have to… change our flight ticket!

3. Was this the first time when you visited Romania?

Yes! 🙂

4. On our tours we met many tourists that, when they decided to visit Romania, they were asked by their friends “Why would you go to Romania?” or “Where is actually Romania?” So, in your case, what made you come and visit our country?

We decided to visit Romania because we were attracted by the legend and the atmosphere of the Transylvanian castles, so we decided to book a flight to Bucharest.

5. Can you name 3 places that you enjoyed visiting in Bucharest?

  • The Palace of the Parliament
  • Herastrau park
  • The Romanian Athenaeum
Destination Bucharest TravelMaker Tours

6. Is Bucharest the “Little Paris”?

We discover a “little Paris” in Bucharest in the architectural style of the main historical buildings in the city center. Those are elegant and sophisticated as the French capital city.

7. Peles castle or Bran castle?

Peles castle for the splendid and rich rooms and Bran castle for the scary atmosphere.

8. Expectation Vs Reality in Romania. Before coming here, I am sure you have read about the highlights of our country. Which were the places that you really wanted to see and what was your impression after visiting them? The enthusiasm was the same after seeing them?

The reality was even better than expectation! The city was so dynamic in the night and  we discovered many hidden gems.

9. Which would be your top 3 experiences that travelers should not miss while in Bucharest, Romania?

  • Overlooking Bucharest from the main terrace of The Palace of the Parliament
  • Relaxing at Cismigiu Park while eating a “covrigi” 🙂
  • Enjoying a beer at the golden hour at Caru Cu Bere, while the sun lights up the buildings around

10. Name 3 words that could describe best your travel experience in Romania.

Funny, charming and exciting!

11. Would you visit Romania again?

Yes, we would love to discover the area of Black sea

12. Which is your next destination?

We will fly soon to Indochina and we will visit Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Thank you , Paola and Alessandro, for visiting our country. We hope you took with you nice memories and the desire to come again in the future.

You can read more about Talk about Travel experience in Romania directly on the travel blog here.


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