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Trip Ideas from Bucharest: Mogosoaia Palace and Corvin Castle

Romania is a country that celebrates its varied influences from the Oriental and Balkan vibes, the Western culture, the communist landscape, the Austro-Hungarian heritage to the Latin blood. This is why trip ideas from Bucharest might give you very different experiences.

Today we’ll focus on two Romanian landmarks that showcase very different aspects of the cultural intake. These are Mogosoaia Palace and Corvin Castle.

Depending on how long a trip away from Bucharest you are willing to take, you will discover more and more gems. Find out what are the specific locations you should visit by checking our shared tours.

Trip Ideas from Bucharest: Mogosoaia Palace

Just a short drive away from Bucharest you’ll find this incredible monument, situated at about 15 km away from the capital’s center. On the Palace grounds, elements of Venetian and Turkish architecture combine to create the façade of:

  • The palace, with its interior courtyard
  • The gate tower
  • Cuhnia (the old kitchen)
  • The old guest house
  • The Brâncovenu family tomb
  • The flower’s greenhouse.

Right next to the Palace grounds there is the “Saint George” Church and its gardens. It’s a great destination even for a trip idea from Bucharest in the afternoon.

We’d love for you to join us on the Mogosoaia Palace, Snagov & Caldarusani Monasteries Tour. It’s only 5 hours, in which you’ll enjoy the ride and the Brâncovenesc building style. We’ll even pick you up and leave you off at the hotel.

The History of Mogosoaia Palace

The palace was built in 1702 in the Brâncovenesc style. The name of the architecture comes from a wealthy family of the region that was involved in politics, but also invested a lot of its money in:

  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Keeping the regional culture alive.

The grounds were bought by Constantin Brâncoveanu in 1680, wanting to create a residence for his second son, Stefan. By the time the buildings were finished Constantin was already a prince of the area. Unfortunately, in 1714 he was executed, alongside his four sons, by the order of the Ottoman sultan.

The palace was twice devastated:

  • Once between 1768-1774, by the Turkish forces during a Turkish-Russian conflict,
  • The second time during the 1821 national revolution.

The buildings were passed on from generation to generation, from nephews to son and so on. Through marriages, it became the property of another noble family in the region, Bibescu.

Restauration efforts were only put into action during 1860-1880 when the newer buildings were also created.

In 1911, Martha Bibescu becomes the protector of the palace, as she receives the buildings as a wedding gift. A rich and talented writer, she funded the complicated process of restoration, starting before the First World War and ending it in 1935. In the last years of the transformation period of the Mogoșoaia Palace, she moves in to oversee the work.

Her efforts are the main reason why the buildings are still a destination for trip ideas from Bucharest. It was also highly important for her that all changes respect her heritage and the true Brâncovenesc style.

She is the one that offered it as an important meeting place for diplomates during the Second World War.

In 1945, the communist party turns it into a national property, but Martha Bibescu makes sure it is considered a historical monument, so the palace cannot be destroyed.

The elegant and well-balanced architecture combines:

  • Local craftsmanship
  • Byzantine influences
  • Italian elements
  • and a Baroque feeling.

It uses highly decorative elements for its rock-carved columns and porches, which is intriguing to see. Don’t waste any time and just go and visit it. You will not regret it. Book the small-group tour to Mogosoaia, Snagov, and Caldarusani offered by TravelMaker.

Visiting the Brâncovenești Palace

The tickets and taxes for visiting the Museum are inexpensive:

  • 6 lei for adults
  • 3 lei for kids
  • 2 lei for parking your car for the whole day
  • 6 lei per person, for guided tours in English, French, Spanish or Italian
  • 15 lei for taking pictures inside the museum

Currently, there is an Art Museum in the Palace that features many events. You can buy tickets for the events directly on the site. You can also visit the permanent exhibition in the basement of the Palace that presents the demolished Văcărești Monastery.

The museum is always closed on Mondays and the schedule for the rest of the time is.

 From the 1st of May to 31st of October: Tuesday – Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM

 From the 1st of November to 30th of April: Tuesday – Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM

There is also a lovely restaurant on the grounds where you can enjoy an excellent Romanian lunch or dinner.

Trip Ideas from Bucharest: Corvin Castle

If you are ready for a longer drive, the best-preserved medieval castle in Romania and one of the most beautiful is the Corvin Castle.

In an extended 4 days tour, we can show you the magic of Transylvania. We’ll start in Bucharest and take you through the Carpathian Mountains with several stops to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the incredible castles, citadels, and monasteries.

To go from Bucharest directly to the Corvin Castle it’s about 410 km, which takes about 5 hours and a half of driving.

The entrance drawbridge speaks volumes of this gothic structure that mixes various styles. While visiting you’ll get to see:

  • The castle interior with the Golden Chamber
  • The prison of the castle, where it is believed that Vlad the Impaler was kept
  • The knights’ hall
  • The interior courtyard
  • The Capistrano Tower
  • The Painted Tower
  • The Catholic Church

The History of Corvin Castle

The castle was build in the 14th century by the Anjou family, on the site of a former Roman camp. It was used mainly as a fortress until Iancu of Hunedoara made it his residency. A Romanian born price that reached high ranks in the Hungarian Kingdom, in times where Romanians where looked down on.

The famous names of the castle, namely Corvin Castle or Hunyadi Castle come from Iancu of Hunedoara. His name translated, at the time, was:

  • In Latin: Ioannes Corvinus
  • In Hungarian: Janos Hunyadi.

He is best known as a military strategist that stopped the Turkish army at Belgrad in 1456. An important moment in the history of religions, as Christianism wasn’t overturned by the Turkish Islamic view. For this reason, to this day, the bells of the Corvin Castle church ring each day to celebrate the victory.

Because of his military abilities, he became the ruler of Transylvania and a few other southern regions and the defender of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s border. For this, he had to change his confession from Orthodox to Catholic, which also changed the confession of the church within the Hunyadi castle.

His son, Matei Corvin, would be raised at the Hungarian court and be given the same position as his father once he came of age.

The castle grew considerably under the rain of Iancu of Hunedoara. He built two curtain walls alongside the citadel as well as rectangular and circular towers. He focused his attention inwards with the grand details of the Knights’ Hall and the Council’s Hall.

To experience the history of the Transylvanian region on a private tour, just book today.

Visiting the Cornivus Castle

Tickets at the Hunyadi Castle can be purchased at the entry, over the drawbridge, and they are:

  • 30 lei for adults
  • 7 lei for pupils and students
  • 15 lei for seniors
  • 5 lei for taking pictures inside the castle
  • 15 lei for filming
  • 8 lei for Multimedia guides

If you are part of an organized group of at least 20 people, some discounts will be applied.

Starting on 16th of September 2019 the schedule for visiting is:

  • Monday: 12 PM – 7 PM
  • Tuesday to Sunday: 9 AM – 7 PM
  • Last entry is at 6:15 PM

Keep in mind that on public holidays in Romania it can get a bit crowded and you can wait up to an hour in line, to get your ticket.

The Magic of the Romanian Castles and Palaces

The amazing aspects of these landmarks, besides their undoubted charm, is their incredibly different styles. They do represent stages in history that are hundreds of years apart but were both influenced by the Turkish empire in very different ways.

Where Mogoșoaia Palace tries to incorporate architectural elements, Corvin Castle rejects it completely.

Both make for a splendid destination for trip ideas from Bucharest. At a quick drive away or a longer stay, depending on what you are searching for.

To help you decide we recommend you compare the Mogosoaia Palace, Snagov & Caldarusani Monasteries Shared Tour with the Magic Transylvania Private Tour.

If you still can’t decide just give us a call at +40 735 525 710 or send an email at reservations@travelmaker.ro. We’ll create a private tour for you that includes both destinations. So you don’t miss out on anything.


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