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5 Reasons to Travel to Bucharest, Romania

A complex past, lively parties, amazing cuisine, and affordable prices is what makes this European capital your next holiday destination.

Come see Bucharest, Romania for yourself. The following 5 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg in convincing you to start planning a trip to this beautiful city.

1. An Incredible Mixture of Architectures

Bucharest, Romania is packed with different architectural elements that represent the cities passage through time. You can see 17th-century monasteries that combine:

  • Renaissance,
  • Byzantine,
  • Ottoman and
  • Baroque styles.

All these in the same city the Arch of Triumph reminds us of the French influences.

Nothing compares to appreciating this visual collage for yourself. If you’d like to enjoy this variety of styles and a walk through the old town, book a seat in the 4 hours sightseeing tour.

2. It Has a Particular History

This capital’s history is essentially connected to Europe’s past but with an authentic interpretation. The Communist era has left an important mark on most of Bucharest’s main boulevards, as well as the monarchy period in the building of the winding streets.

We can give you an insight into the story of “the golden era” and the impact the communist regime had on the society of Bucharest, Romania.

The “Last Days of Communism” Tour will show you the most iconic places, during the time Ceausescu was the president of the Socialist Republic of Romania.

3. An Engaged Nightlife

If there is one thing you will certainly notice while in Bucharest, Romania, is that people here love to party.

While you are in the bars or clubs of the Old Centre, you’ll notice that Romanians dance till the early hours of the morning on most weekend nights. You can bet you’ll have an awesome time as well.

You can learn a bit about Bucharest before hitting the clubs, with a short 1.5-hour tour. You’ll get to see the main attractions, in the beautiful night lights, while driving around the city.

Book it now to enjoy the atmosphere and the history in your short city break.

4. Delicious Cuisine

The restaurants here offer a large variety of foods and tastes that will fit your preferences.

Besides the incredible local foods that you should try at least once while in Bucharest, Romania, you’ll also find the latest culinary trends.


If you’d like to enjoy a complete Romanian dinner, we’d be happy to accompany you. Our Bucharest Evening Tour and Traditional Dinner tour will also give you the advantage of discounted prices in our restaurant partners.

5. Affordable prices

If anything else has not yet convinced you, know that Bucharest is rated among the most affordable capitals in Europe. This means you’ll get to relish in your holiday and still keep it within your budget.

The reasonable prices include each part of a great trip from the accommodation, public transportation, museum passes, restaurant, to coffee places.

Start Planning your trip to Bucharest, Romania

These are just a few of the many reasons you should plan a trip. Alongside the architecture, history, food, and lively atmosphere, you can also relax on urban beaches or visit the nearby cities. Check our Bucharest Tours!

We’d love to be part of your experience in this European capital. You can book any of the shared tours we’ve recommended or contact us at +40 735 525 710 or reservations@travelmaker.ro for planning a private tour.


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