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Transylvania Highlights: Best Places to Admire Fall’s Natural Beauty

During the fall, the lush Transylvanian landscapes become the settings of fairytales. The trees turn to amber and the enveloping mists that surround the woodlands make for a surreal panorama.

This article will showcase some of the most marvelous places to visit in autumnal Transylvania. Highlights include rural areas, deep valleys, and the seemingly endless acres of the untouched thicket.

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The Beauty of Rural Life

There is this common perception that vampires are an intrinsic part of the region’s culture. While they may be entirely the work of fiction, the otherworldly landscapes of the area aren’t.

Around the major cities of the region lies a treasure trove of rural settlements which boast some of the most breathtaking sights in the entire Transylvania.


The Village of Viscri: It’s a modest settlement that spans less than 2 km.

The village gained international attention when Prince Charles of England purchased a villa in the area. The Prince made this decision based on his fascination with the region and in hopes to preserve its rural authenticity.

Viscri has a remote atmosphere that harkens back to the days of yore, retaining the authenticity of an old Transylvanian village.

There’s nothing quite like taking a walk in an autumn afternoon amidst the peaceful homesteads of Viscri.

The Village of Biertan: It is one of the oldest settlements in Transylvania, being mentioned in an official document dating back to 1283.

It is surrounded on all sides by hills covered in miles of thick forests. It makes for an impressive sight to behold. However, the centerpiece of the village is the medieval Saxon stronghold. It stands perched atop a hill, right in the middle of the village.

The Natural Wonders of Transylvania

If you want to travel to places where you can escape from the modern world, then the national reservations of Transylvania are the ideal destinations.

The mountainous areas of the region are the perfect places to visit if you want to do nothing else but to enjoy the pristine nature of Transylvania.


Dambovicioara Cave: It is one of the most popular caves in Romania. In part owing to the fact that it’s easily accessible for tourists coming from Bucharest.

Balea Lake: It is situated at 2.034 meters of altitude, on the Făgăraș Mountains. This lonely glacier lake would have gone unnoticed, but since it is in proximity to the monumental Transfăgărășan highway, it has become a favorite attraction for the tourists visiting the area.

Get to See the Entire Transylvania

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