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Best Ways to Get from Bucharest to Brasov to Save Time

Only a few short hours away from Bucharest, you’ll find a beautiful medieval city located right in the heart of Transylvania: Brasov.

Fringed by the high peaks of the Southern Carpathian Mountains, Romania’s capital of winter, Brasov, attracts travelers from across the world.

Many of those who have booked tours to Brasov in the past are already planning to come back soon.

You’ll see why once you learn a little bit more about what this one-of-a-kind medieval destination has to offer.

But before you can enjoy the beauty of this city, you have to get there.

If you’re staying in Bucharest (even if it’s just for a few days), you’ll find that it is very convenient to include Brasov in your travel plans. 

How Can You Get from Bucharest to Brasov?

There are only about 182 kilometers/113 miles (driving distance) separating Bucharest from Brasov. Getting here is fairly easy, considering Brasov is an important Romanian city, as well as a major Romanian railway hub.

Here are some of your best travel options:

  • By train. Trains in Romania are fairly cheap, decent, and secure. A one-way ticket to Brasov will set you back around $6 – $9, and you can buy your tickets online via the official website of Romanian Railways. Trains leave from Bucharest North train station. After a journey of about 2.5h-3h, you’ll already be taking selfies in Brasov. 
  • By bus. Bus fare is typically more expensive than the train, but it’s still pretty cheap. For about $15, you can catch a bus outside Bucharest North train station. There are plenty of daily buses from different companies leaving regularly towards Brasov. Don’t worry about the tickets; you can easily buy your pass on the same day as your journey.
  • By car. If you decide to rent a car, Road E60 will be the main road to use in and out of Brasov. This European Road links Brasov to Bucharest in the south. Rather enjoy the sights instead of focusing on driving? In this case, we’ve got you covered! We can arrange for you to be picked up from any of Bucharest’s airports. An English-speaking driver will ensure you get to Brasov comfortably and safely.

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Tours to Brasov: The Easy Way to See More in Less Time

You also have the cost-efficient alternative of booking one of our tours to Brasov, like our:

This way, you won’t have to bother with planning every aspect of your trip, so you can focus on the experience.

Only staying in Bucharest for a short amount of time? No problem! You can definitely squeeze in a trip to Brasov and explore more of Romania’s unique charm.

No matter how you choose to get there, once you arrive in Brasov, you should already have a list of attractions you want to visit.

Not sure what you should add to your list and what tours to Brasov are the best? We have plenty of recommendations for you, drop us a message and we will be more than happy to help you.

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