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Top Reasons to Visit Romania During Spring

For someone who wants to visit Romania, the fact this country has all four seasons can be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, there’s a great range of moments of the year one can pick for his holiday.

On the other hand, this choice can be quite hard to make for someone who’s never been here before (that’s because they may take a lot of time trying to figure out which is the time of the year allowing them to make the most out of their time in Romania).

So here you have it: today we present a quick look at what it means to see Romania in spring. Hopefully, it will better inform your decision of coming here anytime between March and May.

Off-Peak Expenses

First and foremost, airline fares.

March to May is one of the most convenient times of the year wherein you’ll find bargain plane tickets. Although late May could be a bit more expensive than the rest of this spring period, it still is a lot cheaper than high season fares.

Then, we’re talking about accommodation expenses, which could go as low as an average of €30 per night (or even lower if you book at a local guest house).

Labor Day by the Seaside

When May 1st comes, Romanians take it as a sort of unofficial start to the holiday season.

Usually, they’d go camping, hiking or on one-day road trips, but the youth have made it a habit to go by the seaside at the Vama Veche beach resort.

If you visit Romania this time of the year, it’s a golden opportunity to hang out with locals and get into the Romanian party mode.

Weather and Other Pluses

Romanians enjoy spring particularly because this is when they can finally break free from the constraints of a 3-month winter season.

The weather starts to get warm and sunny from mid-March on, culminating with occasional temperatures of ∼25°C in May. If you visit Romania in spring and are excited at the prospect of sun and outdoor activities, take into account mornings and evenings are still in the 10°C range and there are occasional heavy rainfalls, so you’d like to pack for this situations, as well. 

As if nice weather weren’t enough, we have good news: it also brings a feast for the senses. More exactly, we’re referring to the late April – early May weeks, when all flowers are in bloom and this comes together beautifully, with visual resplendence and flowery scents all around.

There are a few places, however, which deserve special mention:

  • The daffodil meadows – more than 20 across Romania’s territory, the largest one can be found at Dumbrava Vadului Nature Reserve (close to Fagaras, Brasov, and to Moldoveanu Peak – Romania’s highest mountain peak). On top of the splendid scenery across 400 flowery hectares, you can also attend the Daffodil Festival (12th-13th May 2018), where you’ll be able to taste fresh traditional produce from the Fagaras local merchandisers and also see traditional clothing
  • The peonies meadow at Zau de Campie, Mures County. This makes for an excellent one-day trip if you’re traveling to Cluj-Napoca or the Northern part of Romania.
  • Snowdrops on the Vartoapele Plateau. March to early April is the time when you can cool off amidst the sight of 10 hectares of snowdrops on this plateau located in Hunedoara County. This destination is ideal for nature lovers who are eager to discover less ‘touristy’ places when they visit Romania. If you go that way, the plateau is located in the vicinity of Sarmizegetusa, the ancient fortress of the Dacians (Romanian ancestors’ civilization), so you can also learn more about Romanian history in the process.

Pssst, a hint: these flower meadows are extremely Instagrammable, so prepare for loads of photos there.

Visit Romania in Spring. The Carefree Way

Or, in other words, by contacting a travel agency. It’s quite clear why: you save time, money, and stress, thus being able to fully enjoy the warm weather and the cool energy around. With Travel Maker Tours, for instance, you can sign up for tours like:

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