Top Reasons to Travel to Bucovina, Romania

Bucovina, the land of the beech, is known for its incredible landscapes and as the keeper of Romanian traditions. It is also a profoundly religious area with numerous beautiful monasteries that are waiting for you to visit them.

To help you see these painted monasteries we encourage you to book our 3-day tour in Bucovina and Transylvania. In this private car tour, you’ll get to enjoy UNESCO Heritage locations as well as detailed guided tours.

To convince you of this region’s potential we want to present to you the main reasons to travel to Bucovina, Romania.

The Monasteries Route

Built-in the 15th and 16th centuries the churches and monasteries in Bucovina, Romania are what placed the region on the European touristic map. Their unique Byzantine-style frescoes in the interior and exterior walls have made the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The monasteries you can visit are:

  • Moldovița
  • Sucevița
  • Voroneț
  • Arbore
  • Bogdana
  • Humor
  • Putna
  • Dragomirna
  • Monastery of St John the New
  • Mirăuţi Church
  • Domniţelor Church

Voroneț Monastery is one of the most known religious places in Romania because of its incredible wall color known as “Voroneț blue”.

Hiking and Enjoying the Outdoors

The Bucovina area has great panoramic views you can enjoy while hiking up the Rarău peak. You can choose to have a one day hike from the valley up to the top of the mountain. A second option is to drive up on the Transrarău road and then hike just 2 to 3 hours.

But the Carpathian Mountain area in Bucovina, Romania offers even more cliffs and forest regions to explore.

Near the Putna Monastery, you can visit Daniel the Hermit’s Cave. The 16th-century hermit dug and inhabited the rock cave.

The Cacica salt mine is also a great place to visit. Its galleries carved by hand, without any machinery are incredible and beautiful at the same time. The landscape of the area is also beautiful and the archaeological discoveries are an important destination.

Tradition Enriched Locations in Bucovina, Romania

Easter is an important holiday in Romania that is surrounded by several traditions. One of the most talked-about being the detailed decoration of eggs. Some of the models look like painted embroidery.

In Bucovina, Romania there is a place that celebrates this tradition all year long at the Museum of Decorated Eggs. They have a collection of over 3000 exhibits.

You can also visit these landmarks to understand Romanian traditions even more:

  • The Bucovina History Museum
  • The Royal Citadel of Suceava
  • Bucovina Village Museum
  • Museum of Bucovina Folk Techniques
  • The black ceramics center in Marginea
  • The ornate houses in Ciocănești

Visiting Bucovina, Romania

The region of Bucovina is a place that keeps Romanian tradition and religious life alive. The backdrop is just as amazing. The Eastern Carpathian Mountains, the caves, and salt mines make it an ideal destination for hikers and adventures as well as religious travelers.

We’d love for you to enjoy this landscape and the monasteries. You can book a complete tour today by following this link.


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