Top 5 Parks You Need to See When Visiting Bucharest in the Fall

Bucharest has many wonderful landmarks. Among them, the ones which truly stand out are the parks.

The city hosts quite a large number of recreational grounds, where you can simply take a walk and enjoy a corner of nature in the bustling capital of Romania.

Moreover, now that fall has made its presence felt, the trees have turned to different shades of orange, and the panoramas are absolutely delightful.

If you plan on visiting Bucharest in the near future, be sure to bring a camera with you, because you won’t regret it.

1. Herăstrău Park

It is the largest park in Bucharest, which extends over 182 hectares in length. A large part of this entire surface area is occupied by the Lake Herăstrău – which encompasses 74 hectares.

Due to the lake’s size, most of the areas within the park have access to the lakeside. You’ll almost always catch a nice view of the lake with the trees in the background.

A part of the park hosts the Village Museum. It is a massive open-air museum which hosts hundreds of traditional houses from the bygone days of old Romania.

2. Cișmigiu Park

The Cișmigiu Park is a series of large floral gardens which collectively form an entire park.

It is the largest green zone in Bucharest’s central area. It offers a breath of fresh air from all the concrete of the big city.

The park also hosts an artificial lake, in which visitors can traverse by renting rowboats. During the fall, when the greenery turns to amber, the park becomes quite an impressive sight to see.

3. Kiseleff Park

Back in the 19th century, Bucharest wasn’t as massive as it is today and many of the areas were part of the wilderness surrounding the city. What would end up becoming the Kiseleff Park was first a forest.

The same architect that planned the Cișmigiu Park envisioned this forest as a nice recreational ground and thus, somewhere around the year 1850, the Kiseleff Park came into existence.

Situated along the Kiseleff road, the park isn’t the wild forest it once was. However, the trees are still there and you can just take a detour along the alleyways to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet.

4. Tineretului Park (Youth Park)

A bit farther from the city centre, you will find the Youth Park. It is a large public park situated in southern Bucharest. It was built in the year 1965 and it was meant as the main recreational area for the inhabitants of this part of the capital.

Past the cover of the treeline, there is a large navigable lake. You can either rent a boat from the port and get the chance to row on the calm waters or you can just sit on a nearby bench and let go of your worries.

5. Carol Park

Close to the city centre, Carol Park is a 36-hectare landmass which hosts an abundance of monuments. Inside the park, you will find a large assortment of archaic structures, statues and fountains.

During the fall, the reddish colours of falling leaves seem to breathe new life into the dormant stone figures which adorn the park.

Plan on Visiting Bucharest?

If you are visiting Bucharest this fall, then do not miss the chance to visit the parks, as they provide an excellent retreat for those of you who want to experience the calm side of the city.

If you want to see more of the capital, then be sure to check out the tours below or our Bucharest Tours list.

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