Therme – The Ultimate Spa Retreat in Bucharest

Would you believe us when we tell you ‘the largest recreation, wellness and entertainment center in Europe’ is actually a spa retreat in Bucharest?

Conveniently placed within a 10-minute ride from Bucharest, Therme is a wellness center with a twist.

Not many other similar centers can boast off an impressive botanical garden counting more than 800,000 plants, right?

So, if you fancy a little bit of ‘me time’, you won’t want to miss this place where natural splendor meets the ultimate spa facilities. All for the sake of offering you the singular bliss of thermal waters.

Innovative Design for a Spa Retreat in Bucharest

At this spa retreat in Bucharest, there’s a bit of everything for everyone. That’s why the location is divided into three main areas to wander through:

  • Elysium: 6 differently designed saunas to gratify any preference. Ranging from the modern appearance of the Hollywood sauna to the Oriental vibes of Alhambra, Elysium offers a full diverse journey for your senses.
  • The Palm: nature lovers rejoice! This area features the main pool surrounded by more than 500 palm trees and tropical flowers. If this wasn’t enough of a treat, there’s more: aromatherapy pools, hydro massage chaise lounges, or hydro-massage beds.
  • Galaxy – the fun part: If you need to unwind as you did during your childhood years, this is the place to be. Water slides, fun pools with light and sound programs, and a pool bar – everything you need to relish in freedom and glee.

Each area has a snack bar or restaurant to dine in a perfect ambiance. Plus, there are other sorts of fun events and services you can choose from:

  • classical music days
  • DJ live sessions
  • Zen days
  • nutrition events
  • skincare sessions – complexion treatments made of clay, vegetal and mineral extracts
  • aqua gym – 3 sessions Monday to Thursday or 4 sessions Friday through Sunday

These are usually provided within the Palm area.

Practical Info to Get Firsthand

Being such a large facility, Therme Bucharest can become a handful to cope with if you’re not equipped with the proper information.

First, keep in mind you’ll get an access bracelet depending on the pack you’ve opted for.


  • weekends and holidays are usually crowded. If you cannot avoid them, try getting there by evening.
  • the Elysium bracelet also grants free access to both The Palm and Galaxy. The Palm bracelet gets you into Galaxy as well. Whereas with the Galaxy bracelet, you are permitted access only to the Galaxy area. If you want to start with the latter, you’ll have to pay the entrance to the other two areas.
  • card payment is preferable
  • if you eat just before getting to Therme, you’ll avoid food court queues, as well as discomfort on the water-slides.

Opening hours differ from day to day, as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday → The Palm/Elysium: 9.30 –  23.30; Galaxy: 9.30 – 22.00
  • Friday → the Palm/Elysium: 9.30 – 01.00; Galaxy: 9.30 – 24.00
  • Saturday to Sunday → The Palm/Elysium: 8.00 – 01.00; Galaxy: 8.00 – 24.00

You can get a detailed account of the prices in the link here https://www.therme.ro/ !

A strong plus is the internal regulation policy that is strongly complied with.

As for the transportation options, you can employ our TravelMaker Transport service.

Now that you’ve read through this article, can we assume you’ve largely made an opinion on this unique spa retreat in Bucharest? Is your trip to Bucharest more appealing all of a sudden?

If you’re not yet clear, let us know what information we can provide.


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