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Romanian Food Tours and Wine Tasting in Bucharest

If you still have a few hours left to explore Bucharest but you are torn between trying Romanian food, wine tasting, or just enjoying the city we have a great option for you. You can very well have a little bit of each.

Our fresh new tour is really thinking about you. It’s a relaxing evening where you’ll become part of a small group of people ready to take in Bucharest’s amazing architecture. You’ll end the night chatting over wine and tasting the best Romanian cheese plates in an intimate setting. 

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This is not your only option of course. Bucharest has a lot to offer when it comes to Romanian food. Let’s see some other ideas you can explore.

Romanian Food on the Go

There are many people that think Bucharest has taken the Pretzel to a whole new level. All across Romania, you’ll find interesting snacks and many of them are new interpretations of Pretzels. You can find:

  • The Classic Pretzel
  • Sweet pretzels with fruit jam inside
  • Strait ones with Sausage and Cheese inside

Most people you pass by on the street will be holding this snack in their hands and munching away. This particular Romanian food has become popular in the Communist era. A warm pretzel and a Sana yogurt would be a healthy breakfast that people could enjoy on their way to work, in the early hours of the morning.

If you’d like to find out more local options for daily snacks we invite you to our Unhealthy Food Tour of Bucharest. You’ll get to see the largest and oldest traditional market and learn more about the cities history. We’ll swap wine tasting for a pint of local beer and try different snacks that Romanians love.

A Traditional Dinner = A Cultural Mixture

Romania’s been influenced in its history by many cultures. Keeping its original core and adding layers of flavor coming from:

  • Turkish influences
  • The Russian Empire
  • Hungarian minorities
  • Balkan cuisine.

The Romanian food tells that story in a very enjoyable way. If you’d like to understand more of the culinary culture your best bet is a dinner in a nice restaurant in Bucharest. As many regions in Romania grow rich-tasting grapes, wine tasting the local selection is also an option.

We can show you some of the most famous Squares in Bucharest and take you to a traditional restaurant for dinner. Our friendly guides can give you information about the city’s history and help you decide on the dishes you should order.

On most weekends, you can even enjoy a folklore program at these locations as well.

Incredible Food, Wine Tasting and a Piece of History

The fun in exploring a new city is embracing its culture. The best way to do this is not just by sightseeing and understanding history but also by trying the local produce.

A Romanian food tour does just that. It gives you a taste of the culture while experiencing the location at the same time. If you are keen on wine tasting experiences, Romanian has a great selection that you should try, alongside your meal. 

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