Is Romania a Good Destination for a City Break?

City breaks have become an increasingly popular trend in the last few years, especially in Europe. They represent the ideal choice when you can’t take too many days off work, but you still want to explore a new country.

Romania is situated in Eastern Europe and it’s an attractive city break destination which should be included on your travel list.

Here are the top reasons we recommend visiting this country.

1. Low-Cost Flights

Blue Air, Wizzair and Ryanair are low-cost airlines you can use to travel to Romania. These companies fly not only to Romania’s capital, Bucharest, but to other important and beautiful cities such as Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi or Sibiu.

Chances are you can easily find a low-cost flight if you’re living in a country which is in the European Union. Moreover, you’ll only need your valid passport or your National Identity Card to enter Romania.

2. Hospitality

Hospitality is an important aspect which plays a significant role in shaping tourist’s experience in a new country – in a positive or in a negative way.

In Romania, people are very welcoming and friendly which is going to make your stay extremely pleasant.

Whatever questions you have, most Romanians are happy to help you, whether you need guidance when it comes to finding a place to eat, what to visit or how to get around a city. A lot of locals know English, especially young people, so it will be extremely easy to get around.


3. It’s Not Extremely Crowded

When you have just a few days to explore a new city, it can be quite frustrating to wait in line for most of the tourist attractions you want to visit.

The good thing about Romania is its major cities are not overwhelmingly crowded like Barcelona, London, Paris or Amsterdam are, for instance.

This means you will have quite a relaxing city break and you’ll get to visit plenty of attractions, as well.

4. Explore Top Attractions by Foot

Some of the best tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes and bars are situated in the city centers. This applies to Bucharest, but also to the other cities, as well.

Bucharest is quite a big city compared to Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Iasi or Timisoara, but you can still discover its gems by taking a stroll in the city center, especially in the Old Town area.

You can also go on a sightseeing tour if you decide to visit Bucharest. In just four hours, you’ll get to explore some of the top cultural and artistic attractions.

5. Take a Day Trip to the Mountains

The mountains are only two hours away from Bucharest, so it’s worth paying a visit to this area even for just one day.

You can visit Dracula’s Castle, the Peles Royal Castle, or engage in an off-road adventure. To find out more about these types of day-trips, click here.

6. Romania Is Affordable

Romania is one of the cheapest city break destinations in Europe, so if you’re looking for a new country to explore and not break the bank while doing it, this is a great choice.

A dinner for two usually costs no more than 30 euros at a nice restaurant but you can definitely find places where you can eat a good meal for half the price.

Also, a hearty breakfast/brunch will cost somewhere around 5 euros per person.

Romania – Your Next City Break Destination

Romania has all the characteristics that make it the ideal country for a fun city break:

  • it’s affordable
  • there are plenty of things to explore in a short amount of time
  • it’s easy to get here by plane
  • people are friendly and welcoming
  • you won’t waste a lot of precious time sitting in line at popular attractions.

If you’re ready for your next adventure, then check out our tours, as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us at +40 735 525 710 if you want to book one or want to request more details about them.


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