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How to Travel by Metro in Bucharest

How to travel by metro in Bucharest and see as many attractions as possible? While traveling you want to reach and see as many attractions as possible. The metro in Bucharest will help you do that faster, so you can focus on enjoying your time.

It’s also the most affordable transportation method, besides walking. In order to have a smooth journey in Bucharest’s underground there a few things, you should know.

Have a Map at Hand

The first thing you need is a map of the metro in Bucharest. You can just bookmark our article to have it on your phone at any time.

A free Android app that you can use is Bucharest Metro Guide and Subway Route Planner. The app makes it clear where you are, where the metro stations are, and what metro you can take, using different colors. It also has an offline option to make sure you don’t overcharge your phone bill.

You can ask for a printed version of the metro in Bucharest from the sales booths before passing the metro gates.

Knowing the Lines

There are 4 metro lines in Bucharest. To help you navigate them here are a few tourist attractions within walking distance from their stations. :

  • M1, Dristor – Pantelimon, Main attractions: Parliament Palace, Izvor Park, Cișmigiu Park, University Square
  • M2, Berceni – Pipera, Main attractions: Arc de triumph, The Romanian Athenaeum, Natural History Museum, Calea Victoriei, National Village Museum, University Square
  • M3, Preciziei – Anghel Saligny, Main attractions: Botanical Garden, Izvor Park, Cișmigiu Park, University Square
  • M4, North Train Station – Bazilescu Park, Main attractions: Free Press Square, Bazilescu Park

To see some of these exceptional places and find more about them you can book the Bucharest Sightseeing Tour.

The metro in Bucharest is expanding and there are two new lines that should be finished in the upcoming years. That means you’ll be able to take the metro directly from the Henri Coandă-Otopeni Airport.

Getting Your Tickets

You can get your tickets from the sales booth or the orange tolling devices. You can pay cash with RON or directly with a Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron or Maestro card. Keep in mind that not all sales booths might have a card payment option and not all stations might have a working tolling device.

The prices of the tickets are really affordable:

  • A 2 rides ticket is 5 RON
  • A 10 rides ticket costs 20 RON
  • A day pass is 8 RON
  • A weekly season ticket costs 25 RON

There are also group tickets for 3-5 people that cost between 5-8 RON per ride.

If you plan on using busses as well as the metro, we encourage you to get a contactless card Integral Metrorex – RATB card. This can be charged with tickets or a day pas that is 17 RON that gives you access to all buses, trams, trolleybuses, and metro in Bucharest.

When boarding the busses you’ll have to validate your pass at one of the Orange devices. There are periodic checks in busses, trams, and trolleybuses. If you are caught with a card that is not validated you can get charged a 50 RON fee.

Navigate the metro in Bucharest

With this short crash course on the public transportation of Bucharest, you should be able to have a stress-free vacation in Bucharest.

Check our Bucharest Tours!Check our Bucharest Tours!

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