Fun Things to Do in Romania During the Cold Season Which Are Totally Worth It

There are many interesting things to do once you reach Romania and this article barely scratched the surface. The cold season is actually a good time to visit our country.

Explore the Countryside

Many people say the true side of Romania begins once the cities end.

The Romanian countryside is a natural wonder. You might think we’re overreacting, but once you get to experience it for yourself, you simply can’t get enough of it.

Of the many things to do in Romania, it’s mandatory you go on a ride to explore the forlorn villages of regions such as Transylvania or Maramures.

There, you can have many culturally enriching experiences – you can get to try traditional cuisine and beverages or you can learn more about the many customs which take place during the cold season.

And the best part about it is that once the snow begins to fall, everything seems as if ripped from a fantasy novel. The landscapes look surreal and it complements the festive atmosphere the holidays bring.

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Shop at Winter Fairs

For those of you out there who are passionate about shopping, there’s really good news coming along with the cold season.

Winter fairs are very popular and people can’t get enough of them. Once the holidays begin, you will see them pop up all over the country.

A few notable fairs are the ones from Sibiu and Bucharest. They’re a great place to find a wide assortment of hand-made goods.

Many artisans and craftsmen from around the country get to showcase their fine products and they’re so many to choose from that you won’t know what to buy first.

The Sibiu Christmas fair starts around mid-November, on the 14th, and lasts until January the 3rd.

The Bucharest Christmas fair begins on the 28th of November and lasts until the 27th of December.

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Visit the Caves

It is a very rewarding experience. The country has a wide network of caves and cavernous formations you can visit all year round.

Yet, the best time of the year to visit them is during the cold season. This is due to the fact many of the caves form glaciers which can only be admired in this period when the temperatures go below zero.

We can suggest you visit Dambovicioara Cave, it is really close to Bucharest and you can get the chance to see some breathtaking sights.

The Best Time to Do Sports

If adrenaline is what you’re looking for, then you’ll be glad to know Romania has quite a few attractions for winter sports dare-devils:

  • Poiana Brasov. Has 10 ski slopes at an altitude of 1700.
  • Ranca. Has 6 slopes at an altitude of 1700.
  • Straja. Has 11 slopes at an altitude of 1400 m.

Although these are some of the more popular ski resorts, they’re only a fraction of what Romania has to offer. Considering a third of the whole country is covered in mountains, you have a lot of options at your disposal.

Explore Many Other Fun Things to Do in Romania

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