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The Castles of Romania, Just a Drive Away from The Capital

It is well known that Romania’s famous for its medieval fortresses and the stories they’ve inspired. The Castles of Romania are rich in history and are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

But not everyone knows how easy it is to visit these great locations if you plan on staying in Bucharest.

The world-renowned Dracula’s castles and the gorgeous Peleș castles are just a drive away. You can visit them on a day trip that starts in the early morning in the capital. Find out more from the video presentation:

Peleș Castle – Romania’s Royal Family’s Home

One of the most beautiful Citadels is Romania’s Royal Family’s former home – The Peleș Castle. It is located in Sinaia, a splendid mountain resort in the Carpathian Mountains.

In was built during the late 19th century between 1873 and 1914. The decorations and furniture are still in excellent condition. The castle houses thousands of antiques and artifacts that are on display.

Here are more reasons, why you shouldn’t miss visiting the Castles of Romania during your trip.

The Carpathian Mountains – Driving between The Castles of Romania

Leaving the Peleș Castle behind us, we will drive through the beautiful forests in the Carpathian Mountains. The road will take us on the edge of the Bucegi Natural Park, letting you admire the wild parts of Europe.

This picturesque scenery will not only make you feel close to nature but also take your mind back to a more simple time, the medieval period. That was the time when the scary stories of the Romanian vampires emerged.

To visit these beautiful places, book a seat today.

Brasov – The Medieval City

This beautiful town will enchant you with its well-preserved architecture. While visiting the city square you will see one of its most iconic building – The black church.


It was originally built in the late 14th century as a Roman Catholic Church, it then became a Lutheran holy place in the 16th century.  In 1689 the building burned and was partially destroyed by the Habsburg forces during the Great Turkish War.

Even dough it was restored, the fire left a dark ashy color on the outside walls that gives the current name of the landmark.

Bran Medieval Castle – Dracula’s Castle

Not far from Brasov’s city center, we’ll find one of the most famous Castles of Romania. This exact building and the history surrounding it inspired Bram Stoker to write the “Dracula” novel.

Visiting the fortress, we won’t find bloodthirsty rulers, but there are numerous:

  • hidden passages,
  • narrow corridors,
  • dark rooms,
  • and steep stairs.

It was originally built by the Saxons of Brașov on top of an older wooden castle, before becoming Vlad the Impaler’s (the main inspiration for Count Dracula) residence.

This is one of the places in Romania where history meets legend and it creates an unforgettable adventure, you should experience.

Come Visit Beautiful Romania

To have the complete experience of this unique European country, you have to visit the Castles of Romania.  If your trip starts with a flight to Bucharest, it can continue early morning the next day on your way to see these landmarks.

You’ll be back in the capital in time for dinner. We’d like to help you plan your trip to Romania, so write us an email at reservations@travelmaker.ro or give us a call at +40 735 525 710 for more details.


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