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A Taste of Bucharest: Top 5 Restaurants To Drop by While in the City

Finding the best places to eat in a city you are visiting is not always an easy task. To get a taste of Bucharest you need to try traditional dishes as well as some modern cuisine.

We thought you would find some recommendations to start your culinary journey, useful. We can even join you for dinner after an evening visiting Bucharest.

1. Caru’ cu Bere

A traditional restaurant is where you’d want to start learning more about Romanian food. The extraordinary Austrian style building that houses the restaurant is also a great reason to visit.

The restaurant was initially opened back in 1879. The layout tries to remind you of that time, even with the music they are playing.


You can also get a taste of Bucharest by trying out their beer. Their menu includes most of the traditional Romanian dishes including bean soup, mix grill, and local cheese platter.


  • Address: Strada Stavropoleos 5, București
  • Site: www.carucubere.ro
  • Phone Number: +4 0726 282 373

2. Energiea

This location is an urban hip culinary pub with a great story. The bar is placed in an older printing house which played its part in the tumultuous history of the city.

The freshly made soups, great colorful salads, and exotic smoothies are now part of what the taste of Bucharest is in current times.

Besides the great food, you can also enjoy your time listening to live music or socializing with the Romanian youth.


  • Address: Strada Ion Brezoianu 4, București
  • Site: www.energiea.ro
  • Phone Number: +4 0736 374 432

3. Hanu’ lui Manuc

It was originally built as a hotel by the Armenian entrepreneur Manuc Bei, which was back in 1808. It’s currently the oldest open restaurant in Bucharest.

The restaurant is divided into two sections:

  • A Romanian side, and
  • A Lebanese one

Both menus have a lot to offer. On the Romanian one, you can find most common local meat dishes, from mici to enormous lamb shank that can easily feed two people.

The interior courtyard is a spectacular view and a great place to have your meal on a sunny day. When you hit bad weather days, you can go down to the cellar to enjoy the taste of Bucharest.


4. The Artist

If you are interested in fine dining, The Artist Restaurant is the best choice. It’s located in a 1880s eclectic villa on posh Calea Victoriei and the kitchen is run by chef Paul Oppenkamp.

To take advantage of the fresh local ingredients the menu changes every 3 months. Before you start ordering, to get a complete taste of Bucharest, you should try the spoon tasting. It’s an artistic display of all the dishes served.

Keep in mind you’ll need to make a reservation beforehand at this restaurant.


  • Address: Calea Victoriei 147, București
  • Site: theartist.ro
  • Phone Number: +4 0728 318 871

5. Pâine și vin

With a simple menu and Italian influences, this restaurant features freshly baked flatbread pizzas, plates loaded with locally sourced cheese and charcuterie plus an exciting local wine list.

The multi-level open space has a minimalist feel with elements that remind us of an older church. The dishes are large enough to share and they will make you want to visit Transylvania even more.


  • Address: Strada Ion Brezoianu 4, București
  • Site: painesivin.ro
  • They don’t take reservations only walk-ins

The Complete Taste of Bucharest

In the last decades, the restaurant and pubs in Bucharest have multiplied and diversified. These are just a few of the top restaurants, but we’ve got even more suggestions for you.

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