7 Underrated Places in Bucharest You Need to Visit

The wonderful thing about traveling is you can stumble upon surprising spots offering a bit of everything for everyone. And no matter how many times you go there, more and more wonders seem to pop up.

Bucharest is one of those destinations, but with that said, not all tourists know how and where to find places in Bucharest which are both off the radar and pleasant surprises to relish in.

So, in order to offer you the complete experience of visiting Romania’s capital, we listed 7 underrated spots it hosts.

1. Carturesti Carusel

Booklover or not, it’d be a pity to miss Bucharest’s acclaimed, Art Nouveau styled bookstore Carturesti Carusel, which has opened in 2015 in a 19th-century building.

The white decorummeandering stairs, and heavily illuminated interior make this location a breath of fresh air for everyone. As a plus, you can dine at the top floor, where you’ll find a chic bistro worth checking even just for the view.

Pro tip: if you’re a book lover and never get tired of wandering through cool bookshelves, you can check the other Carturesti location, Carturesti Verona.

2. Pasajul Victoria (Victoria Passageway)

Located in the vicinity of the imposing Intercontinental Hotel and a few streets away from the National Museum of Art, this passage is one of the places in Bucharest which will most likely brighten your day for no reason.

Well, in this case, however, there is a reason: dozens of colorful umbrellas hanging over the narrow street full of delightful shops (and even an underground coffee).

3. Street Art Spots

Bucharest has developed a vibrant and diverse cultural life, which comes across even upon a short visit in this city.

One of the most evident proofs of this can be seen right on the streets and walls populating the city. Make sure you check these locations where you can admire vibrant graffiti art:

  • the Arthur Verona street (also known as Graffiti¬†Walls Gallery)
  • inside Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism (might need to ask for permission to enter this area)
  • abandoned factories (like the Chimopar site)
  • Strada Berzei street.

Here’s a sneak peek:

4. Abandoned Sites

The beautiful architecture of Romania’s capital looks incredible even when displayed in a decaying state.

It’s the case with a bunch of abandoned buildings in some places in Bucharest (Casa Macca, the Eden Garden or a former newspaper trust headquarters).

5. Pura Vida Sky Bar

Savoring a drink at a terrace overseeing the beautiful Bucharest historical city view? Sounds quite touristy – except not many tourists get to know about this place.

If you go to Carturesti Carusel, you can drop by this hidden gem of Bucharest as well, it’s just a few streets away.

6. Hanul Lui Manuc

Manuc’s Inn is basically a time portal if you think this hotel assembly was built in 1806 and has been altered only slightly since then.

The summer inner yard surrounded by the restored medieval-like walls sometimes hosts medieval reenactments which convey that multicultural, oriental vibe which was specific to this commercial meeting point.

To make it even more appealing, you can book a seat at the restaurant, then check the mighty wine cellar waiting to be discovered.

7. Vintage Vibes at Bazar

Your time in Bucharest will most likely include a walk on the vibrant Lipscani street which is a go-to for all tourists. So it’s worth knowing just a few minutes away, on Strada Doamnei Street, no.11, there’s a less known place you can wander in.

We’re talking about a semi-abandoned venue, Palatul Camerei de Comert (the former Trade Center Palace of Bucharest) which hosts frequent antiquities exhibitions or flea markets where you can breathe the vintage vibe of Bucharest.

Which One of These Underrated Places in Bucharest Wouldn’t You Like to Miss?

We’d say you shouldn’t miss any of them, but unfortunately, time is limited and one can only visit so much.

What we can help you with is to offer you the tours below which allows you to know the main sites of Bucharest’s old town.

A guide will be accompanying you and giving you directions and recommendations and, from there on, it’ll be easier for you to make your way around the underrated spots this city has to offer.


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