4 Romanian Destinations to Visit for an Unforgettable Holiday

You can be sure that spending your holiday in Romania is going to be an unforgettable experience.

If you aren’t convinced yet, then here are four Romanian destinations that will surely make you start packing your bags.

1. Peles Castle

Ever since it was first built in 1914, Peles Castle has been a marvel of modern architecture. Situated among the dense pine forest of Sinaia, the castle blends perfectly with its surrounding.

This is especially true during the cold season. The castle’s white marble exterior complements the surrounding mountainous landscape. And when the snow begins to cover the nearby woodlands, the whole site appears as if taken straight out of a fairy tale.


2. Bran Castle

You can’t talk about Peles Castle without bringing up his counterpart, Bran Castle. Situated in the near vicinity of the city of Brasov and only 50 km away from Peles, you can easily get to shoot two birds with one stone by also paying Bran Castle a visit.

It is one of the most visited Romanian destinations, all year round. Yet, unlike Peles, Bran Castle isn’t known for its beauty, but rather for its dreary atmosphere. It is the famous Transylvanian domain where The Legend of Dracula takes place.

On one side, the castle is next to the peaceful village of Bran and on the other, it is surrounded by thick woodlands coming from all sides. Plus, the whole area looks amazing once the snow settles.

Better yet, why not have a look for yourself? Click the following video to see how Bran Castle looks during winter:

3. Sighisoara

It is one of the oldest settlements in Transylvania. And it seems to have been frozen in time, for some of its 700-year-old structures still stand to this day.

It has attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. For many years, it has been one of the most popular Romanian destinations. 

When you visit Sighisoara, you get the feeling as if the whole place has been frozen in time or that the city is the setting of a medieval movie.

It is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in entire Europe. And taking a stroll among its paved streets feels as if you’re walking through an open museum.


4. Bucharest

The country’s capital is always an interesting place to visit. However, with the coming of the holidays, the city becomes a dazzling display of colorful Christmas lights.

Around the whole city, you’ll see the classic Christmas commercials and people roaming all over the place to prepare for the upcoming celebrations.

Not to mention Bucharest’s beautiful landmarks look superb when they’re coated in a few layers of snow.

Don’t Miss out on These Amazing Romanian Destinations

Romania is a beautiful place to visit all year round. However, there’s something enchanting about the cold season which makes the country an ideal destination during the holidays.

We hope the locations mentioned in this article convinced you that the trip to Romania will be one worth making.

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