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Events in Romania: 5 Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you considering Romania as a holiday destination for the upcoming year?
You’ll want to know what are some of the biggest events in Romania so you can plan your trip accordingly. It’s not all about Dracula, you’ll see there are many other attractions worth your time.

Here are five of the opportunities you shouldn’t miss while visiting Romania.

1. Transilvania International Film Festival

The 16th edition of TIFF will take place in June in Cluj Napoca. TIFF is Romania’s largest film festival – it had over 120,000 participants in 2016.

What can you expect to see at TIFF? Well, during the 15th edition, the participants watched almost 250 films projected in Unirii Square, Cluj-Napoca. Stretched over 10 days, you’ll also get a taste of one of Romania’s most dynamic cities.

Over the years, TIFF has brought to Cluj thousands of foreign guests:

2. The Medieval Festival of Sighisoara

There’s a big chance you have never seen anything like it before. In fact, if you’re coming to visit, this is one of the best events in Romania.

Attending this event will give you a taste of what life was in Vlad Tepes’ hometown during the middle ages. The buildings look still the same, with knights, witches, and monks freely roaming on the streets.

The center of Sighisoara is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

3. UNTOLD Festival

Music lovers can plan ahead starting right now, for what has become one of Europe’s biggest music festivals – UNTOLD. The festival is taking place in August in Cluj-Napoca. More details can be found here.

‘The world capital of night and magic’ will bring on stage some of the biggest artists out there.

At UNTOLD 2016, 300,000 participants danced to over 150 international and Romanian artists on seven stages. It is certainly the biggest events in Romania as you can see in the video below:

Tickets are available on their website.

4. The George Enescu Festival

Held in the honor of one of the greatest composers in history, George Enescu, the festival is taken place in Bucharest and the other seven cities in Romania.

The ‘George Enescu’ Festival is one of the world’s top three events of its kind.

The festival will start with “Oedipe” under the baton of Vladimir Jurowski, who will conduct the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Additionally, a total of 3,000 artists will take the stage.

Tickets can be bought here.

5. Halloween At Dracula’s Castle

Do you feel like spending Halloween night at Dracula’s castle?

The Bran Castle will host another amazing Halloween party. As night falls down and the dark spirits come out to pray, you’ll be having fun at a one-of-a-kind party hosted by a famous DJ.

Apart from the music and fun, you’ll also get to see the castle’s dark hallways, large rooms, and squeaky stairs.

Bran Castle, TravelMakerTours-min
Bran Castle

You can get from Bucharest to Bran in less than three hours and you’ll be really close to another beautiful castle: Peles. Here’s a tour you can get and see both in one day.

Events in Romania: Let Us Help You Plan Your Vacation

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