Where to Eat in Sibiu: 6 Awesome Places We Recommend

So you decided to include Sibiu in your travel itinerary (click here for a city guide). Most likely you’ve marveled at dozens of pictures of quaint scenery in the Transylvanian city which bears a close resemblance to places like Prague or Vienna.

After you’re done with the dreamy part, it’s time to start planning on accommodation, on what you want to see, and also eat in Sibiu. Right?

So, we thought it would be useful for you to get some recommendations to start your research with.

#1 Kulinarium

After completing your round of Piata Mica (The Small Square), something we recommend is taking the time to enjoy the dishes at Kulinarium, a cozy place located in The Small Square. A place where both the food and the surroundings deserve to be savored thoroughly.

Kulinarium is among the top places where you eat in Sibiu and also get great value for the delicious meals served there.

Here is the place to try out unique and refined dishes. And judging by the fact that often you can barely find an empty seat, it seems locals and tourists agree with this statement.


#2 Benjamin Steakhouse&Bar

Meat lovers will rejoice while passing by this place which is ranked no. 1 on the TripAdvisor list of Sibiu restaurants.

But the appealing menu, whose strength lays in the dishes cooked with Black Angus beef, is not the only aspect inviting people to choose the restaurant.

At Benjamin, the American-styled decorum inspires a relaxed atmosphere which goes perfectly with meals served at any part of the day, honestly.

#3 Crama Sibiul Vechi

When coming to Sibiu, people are usually aware they’re coming to Transylvania, a region well-known for its cultural identity. So, when the time comes that they eat in Sibiu, they might want to sample the local cuisine as well.

Locally-produced cheese assortments, traditional soups rich in flavors or meat dishes straight out of a local’s household. These could all give you a taste of Transylvania if you stop by Crama Sibiul Vechi.

#4 Jules Bistro

The Jules Mansion is first and foremost a historic building dating back to the 16th century.

But it’s also home to the Jules Bistro – one of the most appreciated dining places in Sibiu. Its reputation stems from the fact that you can find here both a wine bar and a restaurant with a French touch. If you’re a fan of French tartines and quiches served with wine, this is the place to stop by.

The atmosphere is completed by the Gothic architectural elements which have been preserved and restored. A good idea is to head to Jules Bistro when the weather is fine, so as to enjoy the terrace places in the interior yard of the old mansion.

#5 Max

Max is yet another enchanting dining place hosted by an old mansion from the 14th century.

If you crave Italian cuisine during your walk around the Old Town, you should know Max is a tourists’ favorite. A variety of seafood and homemade pasta, ravioli, lasagna is complemented by refined, light deserts.

#6 She’s Green

If we mentioned a perfect place for meat lovers, we should also feature one for vegans and vegetarians.

At She’s Green, you’ll find refreshing salads, smoothies, soups or raw vegan sweets. All in a cozy place situated in the vicinity of Sibiu’s Main Square.

Have You Decided Where to Eat in Sibiu Yet?

If not, there’s no rush.

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