What to Do in Romania During the Cold Season

The cold season is here with all its snow and the smell of hot drinks. You might be thinking about where a good place to spend time now is. Well, we are here to show you why Romania is a great option.

There are of course specific visiting areas and activities suited for each season. You can find out more about what is the best time to visit in connection to what you’d like to see.

We’ve even made a list of our top choices for winter, to make it easier for you to choose:

1. Give Winter Sports a Try

The Carpathians have an awesome view and lots of natural snow to help you enjoy this cold season outside.

How a third of Romania is covered by mountains, you’ll have lots of options where to sky, snowboard and do other winter sports. There are over 150 approved ski slopes where you can enjoy these activities. The top resorts are in:

  • Poiana Brasov
  • Transalpina SKI resort
  • Predeal
  • Sureanu
  • Cavnic.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have a wonderful time and find the right difficulty trail for your expertise.

2. Become Ice Royalty

At least for one night in the cold season, you should try this experience. Near Balea Lac, you’ll find the Ice Hotel. It’s the only hotel made entirely out of ice, where you’ll feel just like the Ice Queen, Elsa, or the King.

The Hotel opens up with a restaurant room, after which come the guest rooms. Everything within the building is made out of ice, furniture included. There are even guardians who are incredible ice sculptures, to watch over your sleep.

And don’t be worried, there are lots of blankets, pillows, and furs on the beds. This is an experience you should have at least once in your life.

3. Visit Caves in the Cold Season

There are many incredible places to visit in Romania, caves are one of them. There are numerous ones in different areas of the country like:

  • Scarisoara
  • Limanu
  • Vantului (Wind’s Cave)
  • Muierii (Woman’s Cave)
  • Meziad
  • Lalomicioaiei
  • Huda Lui Papara.

One of the best ones to visit is Pestera Ursilor (Bears Cave). The name comes from the 15.000-years old bear skeletons which were found within it. It a great example of Mother Nature’s beauty with all its stalagmites, stalactites, and karstic landforms.

You can even see a Dwarf’s house or the Water Lily Lake within the salt formations. These are just a few of the interesting shapes in which the salt and stone have evolved into. The cave has 3 rooms which are open to the public and where you can enjoy the tour.

What are you up for?

There are many touristic treasures the country has to offer. But it’s important to know when to visit them. Winter in Romania has a lot to offer many types of tourists. These are just the tops picks.

If any of the suggestions on the list caught your eye, get ready for the trip. We’re here to help you see the beauties of Romania and have an excellent experience.

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