Top things to visit in Cluj County, Transylvania

It’s rather hard to think about Cluj County, Transylvania without feeling the need to express your wows. One thing is for sure: Cluj County feels a lot like home. You will absolutely love visiting Cluj County villages, nature, and surroundings. In case you were wondering about activities for kids in Cluj County, there are plenty of things to visit. Let’s dive into it!

Cluj County sights you cannot miss

Cluj County is all about the following: nature, traditional Transylvanian villages, sights, and outdoor activities. Even if you travel alone, with your better half, or with kids, you could never get bored.

Cheile Păniceni

Cheile Păniceni, a somewhat hidden natural treasure, in a traditional Transylvanian village. It could be a little difficult to just come across it by accident. What you have to do is get to Păniceni village, in Cluj County. Once there, you can easily spot the old church on the hill. Continue walking downhill, through a road of clay and there you have it: nothing beats Transylvanian sights! Here is how you can get there.

Tour from Cluj to Turda Salt Mine and Tarnita Lake
Tour from Cluj to Turda Salt Mine and Tarnita Lake

Lacul Tarnița (Tarnița Lake)

One of the biggest attractions in Cluj County, Transylvania is Lacul Tarnița (Tarnița Lake). Even if it is popular for parties, Tarnița is surrounded by amazing Transylvanian sights. If seen from above, it looks as if the hills are drowning into the lake- which is a reservoir. The reservoir covers roughly 250 ha, with a length of 9 km, and a maximum depth of 70 m. Recommended to be visited during the summer, as a pit-stop in your travel around Cluj County. If you are interested in a tour, click here.


For great Transylvanian sights and adventures in either summer or winter, Mărișel is your go-to place. It has been one of the most popular destinations in Cluj County, and for a good reason. It is the highest plateau in Apuseni Mountains. There is a Christmas tradition involving young unmarried men, dancing, and singing throughout the village is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage. The area is inhabited by moți– often regarded as the people of the mountain, and the entire area is known as Țara Moților. Mărișel has all the highlights of Cluj County activities: skiing, hiking, activities for kids. Here is how you can get there.

Cheile Turzii (Turda Gorges)

Yet another example of top Cluj County sight, famous for both outstanding nature, views, and plenty of caves, in case you are feeling a little extra adventurous. Turda Gorges date back to the Roman Empire and this idea is supported by multiple artifacts that have been discovered in the area. The area has become a Natural Reserve back in 1938, and it was later included in the UNESCO list of natural monuments. This is the home of one of the best outdoor activities in Cluj County; fresh air, over 1000 species of plants, over 67 species of birds and animals, caves, rocks, and places to camp. You can learn more about it here.

Tour from Cluj to Turda Salt Mine and Tarnita Lake
Tour from Cluj to Turda Salt Mine and Tarnita Lake

Salina Turda (Turda Salt Mine)

Looking for popular things to do in Cluj County, Transylvania? Close to the small town Turda, there is the famous Turda Salt Mine (the most famous tourist attraction in Transylvania). There are several smaller mines within the big mine of Salina Turda: the Terezia mine, est. 1690 is the most spectacular part of Turda Salt Mine. There is an island, home to futuristic constructions, and a salt lake where you can take boat rides. Rudolf mine projects movies and hosts concerts. Also, the place is great for bowling, mini-golf, table tennis, and other activities. There is a constant temperature of 16 degrees, all year round, and the air humidity a constant 70%- making it very special when you are thinking about salt air therapy. It is one of the best places in Cluj County, Transylvania and there are so many things you can do! Find more information here: https://www.salinaturda.eu/en/  


We spoke earlier about Mărișel and how it is referred to as Țara Moților– Beliș is a part of it too. Located in Apuseni Mountains, in Cluj County. Here you can do some of the best activities in Cluj County, Transylvania because there are so many things to see. Beliș Lake is a top attraction because years ago the villagers were forced to moved uphill and the village was doomed to be buried underwaters. That’s what happened eventually. Today you can see the top of the church coming out from the lake on dry summer days- some would say it’s creepy, we just say it’s beautiful. Among other activities you can do here:

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Golf in Cluj County, Transylvania

This may come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t. Cluj County has a great terrain that can cover lots of outdoor activities. Everything from hiking, walking in notorious forests, to swimming in lakes and golfing. Cluj County has some top-notch golf courses and a bonus: some of them are located within resorts, so kids activities will not be an issue.

SunGarden Golf and Spa Resort

SunGarden Golf and Spa Resort is one of the top golf courses in Transylvania and Romania. Located in the notorious Hoia-Baciu Forest, in the small village near Cluj-Napoca, in Transylvania. The golf course suits any player, regardless if they are newbies or experts. The terrain fully embraces the traits of nature and has a total alignment of 2211 meters.

  • Address: Strada Poiana Cerbului 1000, Baciu 407055
  • Website: https://sungardenresort.ro/golf/
  • Reservations: reservations@sungarden.ro

Transilvania Golf Club

Yet another top-notch golf course in Cluj County, Transylvania. Transilvania Golf Club is a non-profit association, and defines itself as “open to everyone who appreciates the noble spirit of golf”. It is located in a village near Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. They also have a shop where you can get everything from clothing items to golf crosses.

  • Address: VCJ3+8W Sânpaul
  • Website: www.transilvaniagolf.ro
  • Reservations: +40364409131

Paul Tomiță Golf Club

Moving a little further away from Cluj County to Alba, we find Paul Tomiță Golf Club, in Pianu de Jos. It is one of the oldest, biggest, and famous golf courses in Transylvania. It hosts a huge amount of international competitions, but newbies are more than. welcome too. So take a drive from Cluj, enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings of Cluj and Alba, and have some fun!

  • Address: Pianu de Jos, str Principala, nr 477, jud Alba, cod 517536
  • Websites: https://golfclubpaultomita.ro
  • Reservations: 0040-722-121033

Museums and theme parks in Cluj County, Transylvania

You might have seen up until now that you can do so many different activities in Cluj County: be it playing golf, walking, hiking, diving into caves, or swimming in lakes. And we are not done just yet. There are a few exquisite museums and theme parks in Cluj County where fun (and learning are guaranteed. If you travel to Cluj with kids, make sure you take them to some (or all) of these places.

Muzeul Bivolului (The Museum of the Ox)

Interested in learning activities in Cluj County? The Museum of the Ox was opened in 2009. It’s located in Cluj County, specifically in Mera Village, of Baciu Commune. This is one of the best museums in Cluj County, and it was opened, according to its founder, because the raising and exploitation of the ox have decreased significantly. Inside this museum in Cluj County, you will find about 1000 exhibits related to and used for the raising and exploitation of ox. Specifically saddles, harnesses, forks, rakes, tongs, milking chairs, milk collection and processing vessels, lamps and lanterns, milk separators. Also, there are pictures, documents, and maps explaining all about this activity.

Muzeul Locomotivelor (The Museum of Locomotives)

Train enthusiasts (we know there are many of you out there), this one is for you. Here is another great museum in Cluj County, specifically located in the old train depot of Dej-Triaj. It was opened by some train enthusiasts and former employees of CFR- train conductors and mechanics. Amongst the exponents, we would like to mention: steam locomotives (the oldest one is over 100 years old), electrical locomotives, and wagons that they have reconditioned themselves. Here is the greatest thing ever: it is opened 24/7.

Fun Park Cluj

And it trill is super fun. One of the best adventure parks in Cluj County, located near the ski track of Feleacu. Do we really need to mention how much fun will your kids have? In case you are wondering what exactly can you do in this cool adventure park in Cluj County, here are a few ideas: paintball, zip-line, wall climbing, zorbing, cycling, archery, and lots of other fun activities.

Gecko Aventura Parc

Alright, now this one is for climbing fanatics. And for nature lovers. Gecko Aventura Park is undoubtedly one of the best adventure parks in Cluj County. What exactly can do you here: suspended routes- beginner to advanced, zip-line, horse and pony riding, mini-golfing, visiting a zoopark with over 45 animal species. So in case you were wondering about fun activities with kids in Cluj County, here is your answer.

Castles and ruins in Cluj County

The surrounding of Cluj County has so much to offer. There are so many sights of natural beauty, but also so many mundane amazing things to do. Now, if you are looking for some history, there is much of that too. Let us talk a little bit about castles and ruins in Cluj County, Transylvania.

Bocskai Castle

The ruins of Bocskai Castle are located in Aghireșu commune in Cluj County. It was built in 1572 by Bocskai György (the father of the soon-to-be Principal of Transylvania, Bocskai István). It used to be an imposing artwork, built in Renaissance and Transylvanian style, with two rectangular towers at its extremities. After the poisoning of Bocskai István, this beautiful castle in Cluj County was passed on to the Haller, Mikes, and Vargyas families. At the beginning of the 19th century, the castle remained without inhabitants, and it was then that the ruining process began.

Banffy Castle, Transylvania

There is a big chance that you are familiar with this beautiful castle in Cluj County, Transylvania. Especially if you are a fan of electronic music. *For those of you who have no idea what we are talking about, this will make sense in a bit. Banffy Castle is that place, where once a year, Electric Castle Festival takes place, and you can read more about other festivals in Cluj County here. Banffy Castle in Cluj county was built in Baroque and Renaissance style and it served as an aristocratic residence of the Banffy family. The retreating German troops nearly managed to destroy the castle entirely; after this, the castle stood in ruin for half of the century. Its rehabilitation started in 1999.

Haller Castle, Coplean, Cluj County

… or better said, the ruins of it. The Haller Castel in Cluj County was built in the 16th century. And, unfortunately, it is one of those beautiful castles in Cluj County that did not last too long. In 1760 a new castle arose on the site of the previous castle: a magnificent U-shaped castle, in Baroque style. The stories say that the surrounding of this castle was even more beautiful: gardens, promenade places, little wooden houses. Haller family lost the building in 1945 to the communists. It was then gradually robbed and destroyed. They got it back however in 1989, after a 10-year legal trial.

This is it for now. We really hope you loved reading a little something about our top things to visit in Cluj County, Transylvania. And if you are a first visitor of Cluj Napoca, you should also read this useful article. Also, we offer tours out and around Cluj county

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