Top Craft Beers You Need to Try with Romanian Food

Craft beers have grown in popularity in Romania in the last decade. More pubs, craft beer shops, and microbrews have opened their doors to showcase international but most importantly local, authentic beers.

If you enjoy these beers you are sure not to miss the next to Romanian food. Here are some of the best and sought out brands you should try.

Hophead Beer

They offer an excellent range of beers, as they are the first craft brewery open in Romania. Most of the beers they create have a rich flavor and a heavy taste.

Some of their beers have an enriched coffee flavor which makes them ideal in combination with the Romanian food cârnăciori.

They always create seasonal tastes and even have fruiter beers, but one of the must-tries is Hophead Opium which is an Indian Pale Ale (IPA). To find out more about the range they offer and the shops and bars where you can buy this beer check their Facebook page.

Sikaru Beer

Coming from a Bucharest brewery, they focused on a pallet of ales. You can taste, next to the Romanian food you are enjoying, either a Blonde beer with citrus flower and coriander or the Black Beer which is a stout with a coffee, chocolate and cacao aftertaste.

Their goals are to bring diversity and great taste into the glasses of beer lovers.

Zăganu Beer

You can taste Zăganu Beer alongside Romanian food in the Romanian Craft Beer Bar in Bucharest. It’s also one of the few Romanian beers that you can order online. Right now they only deliver in Romania.

Craft Beer

They create unpasteurized beer, manually bottled and labeled. The offer pale lager, Schwarzbier style, Belgian red ale, and IPA.

Three Happy Brewers Beer

With an incredible story and design this new Bucharest microbrewery is fresh and a bit weird. After traveling the world and enjoying beer, the three owners behind the brand wanted to bring something new to the emerging beer market in Romania.

Some of the beer you can enjoy with Romanian food are the fruity West Coast IPA, the classical Czech Pilsner or the bitter English Amber.

Cazino Beer

While at the seaside you can grab Romanian food like mititei alongside a local beer from Cazino Craft. As the city is a mixture of cultural influences, so is the Craft Browny that mixes Romanian malt, German hops, and Belgian yeast.

Unhealthy Food Tour of Bucharest
Unhealthy Food Tour of Bucharest

They also have a classic lager and a mix of lager and IPA in their varieties. They pride themselves on creating natural beers out of only 4 ingredients. To find out more about them you can check their site.

Romanian Food and Craft Beer

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