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Romanian National Day – when and why?

The National Day of Romania – 1st of December

On the 1st of December, each year, Romanians celebrate their National Day. But this date was not the same since the beginnings of the country since it was changed according to what the rulers of the times considered it was best.

The 1st of December as the National Day of Romania was established by the government in 1990, following the anti-communist revolution, based on the fact that on the 1st of December 1918, two Romanian regions, Transylvania, and Banat merged with what was then Romania. Still, there were two other historical areas, Basarabia and Bucovina, which merged with the country on different dates.

During the history of the country, the National Day of Romania was celebrated on the 10th of May, 23rd of August, and finally the 1st of December. On the 10th of May 1866, Prince Carol of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen made his oath in front of the gathering representing the United Princedoms of Romania. On the same day, the Prince proclaimed the independence of Romania as a state, in front of the Parliament. The date of the 23rd of August marked the popular revolution in Romania, of turning the weapons against Nazi Germany.

On the 1st of December 1918, according to the Alba Iulia Proclamation, Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures, all Romania regions, joined Romania as a country.

Still, the Hungarian minority in the country saw the picking of this date, to celebrate the National Day, as an insult, because that 1st of December meant for them a significant political loss. Thus, after this date was picked in 1990, the first Romanian National Day was celebrated in Alba Iulia, the place where the unification of the country was made in 1918. Ever since them, the entire country celebrates this day as the day in which Romania became a complete and independent state.

What ceremonies are taking place?

Because it is a national holiday, most Romanians get a free day, not having to go to work. Only private businesses, such as shops and restaurants, will choose to work, from the desire to be available for most people, who are free during the day.

Military parades are being organized throughout the country, the armed forces marching in their best uniform, and carrying the country’s flag proudly. Military bands will join the parade, the streets of the country echoing from these particular beats and sounds. Usually, these ceremonies take place in the first part of the day, somewhere around noon being over.

In Bucharest, the capital of the country, you can see the largest military parade in the country. The infantry mounted forces, tanks, gendarmerie, and many other military forces and vehicles will march on the streets of the city, in an organized manner. It is quite spectacular to see all these military forces displayed all at once.

How Romanians celebrate?

After the parade, people gather with family and friends to celebrate together. They like to go shopping, spend time with the family, meet for diner, or do any activity to enjoy their free day. If you visit Romania during this national holiday, you will experience a large sensation of relaxation since everybody will take advantage of their spare time.


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