Peles Castle: Find Out More about The Romanian Royal Family

What not many tourists know is that Romania has been a monarchy for over 60 years of its entire history. In all that time the Peles Castle has played an important role for the Romanian royal family.

This is one of the main reasons why we’d love for you to visit it. The impressive architecture and artifacts will make history feel even more real. Book the tour today.

How the Peles Castle Came to Be

Prince Carol I came to the Sinaia area for the first time in August 1866 and fell in love with the enchanted landscape. As this was his first year after he was elected prince, he wanted to create a “headquarters” for his new dynasty.

Peleș was built as a royal palace, between 1873 and 1914. Involved in the design, build and decoration of the palace were:

  • architect Johannes Schultz,
  • architect Carol Benesch
  • architect Karel Liman
  • the famous decorator JD Heymann from Hamburg,
  • August Bembe from Mainz and
  • Bernhard Ludwig in Vienna.

In time, it became the summer residence of the Romanian royal family and now it is a great museum, you should visit.

Important Moments of the Romanian Royal Family

Throughout the years the Peleș Castle has hosted numerous guest of the Romanian royal family. Writers, musicians, kings, and queens have been hosted here, one of whom we can mention is the old Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph.

Two Castles in One Day Tour
Two Castles in One Day Tour

In 1893, the first king born on Romanian soil of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen dynasty took his first breath at the Peleș Castle. He was also the first of his family to be baptized in the Orthodox religion. In the future years, he will be known as King Carol II.

The last of Romania’s kings, Michael, was also born on the Peles Domains in the Foișor Castle, in 1921. Time after time, the Peles Castle has brought the Romanian royal family closer together. To learn more about the Kings of Romania read our article.

One of the figures that left an important mark on the domain was Queen Marie, married to King Ferdinand I. During the First World War, she was involved in helping the wounded and aided the Romanian Red Cross. She left an important mark on the Pelisor Castle, a building that she decorated it in Art Nouveau, Byzantine and Neo-Romanian style.

Many of Romanian’s important historical decisions have been taken at this Castle. One example is the Crown Council from 1914 when the neutrality of Romania during WWI was decided.

Two Castles in One Day Tour
Two Castles in One Day Tour

A glimpse into the past

What the Peles Castle offers to all visitors today is a vision into the past and the way the Romanian royal family lived. The rooms are well preserved and the style they present is unique.

Even after King Michael the I got back to the palace in 2008, he kept the doors open for all that want to visit. We invite you to explore the beautifully decorated rooms, numerous antiques, and the memories that lie with them.

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