Peles and Bran Castle Make for Excellent Transylvanian Summer Attractions

If you are undecided about where to spend your summer holiday, then look no further than the serene landscapes of Transylvania. Peles and Bran Castle stand out as one of the most iconic landmarks of the region. And, as a result, they are ranked high among the best Transylvanian summer attractions.

From The Legend of Dracula to a rich historic background, there is no denying the region is brimming with culture and tradition.

If you have never visited the castles before, then this article will help you get up to speed with all the information you need to know about these castles before visiting.

What Makes Peles Castle Stand out?

You would have thought that marvelous castles are the stuff of fairy tales. That is until you get to see Peles Castle up close. There is something magical about the castle standing at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains, in Sinaia.


There is something pleasing in the sight of white marble towers and well-rounded courtyard, where the stonework is in near flawless condition.

This stands as a testament to the dedication which has been put through the years in preserving the castle’s splendid aspect. And it’s this kind of hard work and dedication which hails the castle as one of the best Transylvanian summer attractions.

Aside from its inherent beauty, the castle boasts an incredible view from the terrace. You can see the Bucegi Mountains in all their glory or, if you wait until dawn, a gorgeous sight of the entire valley.

Inside, the castle has an outstanding collection of over 4000 pieces of memorabilia and antiques dating from 15th Century. It has a total of 70 habitable rooms and all of them are richly decorated with fine glassware and exquisite furniture.

Why Bran Castle Is Truly Amazing

While Peles Castle stands so as to complement the immaculate sights of Sinaia, Bran Castle embodies everything which is Transylvanian.

The castle ranks high among Transylvanian summer attractions for the fact it offers people a different kind of experience.

On one side, the entire area around the commune of Bran is packed with thick acres of forest which offer a cool down from the heat of the big cities. On the other hand, the region evokes authentic Romanian tradition and rural life.

Bran Castle, Romania

From the get-go, Bran Castle is universally tied to the Legend of Dracula and this has shaped the public’s perception in regards to how the area is viewed. People are always expecting a vampire to come out of nowhere from the castle’s towers.

Unlike Peles, Bran Castle does not boast the pristine white marble. Instead, it harkens back to the simple times of Medieval Romania. Many relics from this bygone era can be seen in the castle’s museum, making it a perfect attraction for those passionate about history.

Turn These Transylvanian Summer Attractions in a Reality

If this article managed to impress you, then you would be glad to hear you can get the chance to see both of these castles in one day.

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