One-Day Holiday: Here Are Some Shared Tours in Romania Which Only Last a Day

While the summer season is almost over, its presence is still being felt around Romania. And we have great news for those of you who still want to make use of the last glimpse of summer!

Here are a few shared tours in Romania you can embark on and each of them takes only one day, which will give you the chance to see many attractions within a short time frame. Let’s go!

1. Two Castles in One Day – 12 Hours

By booking this tour, you’ll begin your day in Bucharest, where you will meet up with the rest of the group in front of the Romanian Athenaeum. Here is the exact location.

When the clock hits 08:00, it is time to begin the journey. And the first destination of the trip is the beautiful region of Sinaia, located just two hours away from the capital.

Here, you will visit Peles Castle, which is a wonder of white marble sitting at the base of the mountains. It isn’t called the “Pearl of the Carpathians” for nothing.

Afterward, on your way to the next stop from this tour, you’ll get to feast your eyes upon the breathtaking views of the Carpathians.

Finally arriving at Bran Castle, the setting from Bram Stoker’s novel stands before you. However, if you’re not in search of vampires, then you would be glad to know the castle has a significant role in the country’s history, housing many rulers throughout the centuries.

Be sure to read more information about the tour HERE, before deciding to give it a try!

Two Castles in One Day Tour from Bucharest
Two Castles in One Day Tour from Bucharest

2. The Real Dracula Tour – 11 Hours

For those passionate about medieval history, Romanian culture, the Legend of Dracula, or sightseeing, this is the tour that offers all of it in one package!

A special among our shared tours in Romania, the purpose of the Real Dracula Tour is to take visitors on a trip through many Transylvanian regions that have historical significance and are tied with the Romanian warlord who inspired Dracula – Vlad Tepes.

The tour begins with the departure from Bucharest and with the first destination being Targoviste, which was the capital of Wallachia and served as Vlad’s seat of power.

Afterward, the next step of the journey will take you to Curtea de Arges. It is the home of a beautiful monastery, with a unique architectural style which makes it a splendor of Southern Romania.

There is a very popular legend that surrounds the monastery, involving the lengths at which the builder went just to finish its construction. But we will keep it a surprise until we get there.

The last leg of the tour consists of a visit to the Poenari Citadel. It will truly be a unique experience, as there will be a climb of 1480 steps, spanning approximately 1 km.

Throughout the entire trip, be ready to admire a lot of picturesque sights which will leave you breathless. Before you decide to undertake this tour, you can read more about it HERE.


More Shared Tours in Romania

If you were impressed by the tours featured in this article, then why not give them a shot? It will be an experience you will surely enjoy!

If you’re interested to try something else, then you will happy to know there are many other shared tours in Romania for you to choose from!

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