Fine Dining in Bucharest: The Best Places in the City

When visiting a new country, trying out traditional dishes is a must. Romanian food is rich, hearty, extremely tasty, and it gives you that unequaled homemade feel.

However, you may not want to eat traditional food every day while you’re in Romania, so we thought we would recommend a few places perfect for fine dining in Bucharest.

Even if the first international fine dining restaurant was opened back in 1997 by Joseph Hadad, this type of restaurants started growing in popularity only in the last few years.

Here are the best ones you need to try in Bucharest.

Top Places for Fine Dining in Bucharest

1. Maize – Farm to Table

Alex Petriceanu is the mastermind chef behind Maize, and he came up with the concept of the Romanian fine dining cuisine. He basically took traditional Romanian dishes and reinvented them by using his creativity and new cooking techniques.

The chef is passionate about choosing the best products and ingredients for all the recipes he creates. Because of this, he serves dishes that are made only with seasonal ingredients.

Alex Petriceanu spent a while experimenting until he perfected his recipes which were definitely worth it because people are raving about the menu at Maize.

If you want to surprise your taste buds with interesting dishes such as the ‘Romanian Burger’ made with Romanian lángos (which are similar to donuts), or the shepherd’s octopus served with creamy polenta, goat cheese sauce, and fir oil, then Maize is the place to be.

2. L’Atelier

L’Atelier is a restaurant where you can experience French fine dining in Bucharest while enjoying a special, intimate atmosphere right in the heart of the city.

Samuel le Torriellec is the Head Chef of L’Atelier. With every menu he creates, Chef Sam manages to come up with dishes that stimulate people’s senses and to offer them pure culinary pleasure.

Here are some of the recipes you can try at this French fine dining restaurant: Seabass ceviche with Mediterranean citrus, cherry tomatoes, and caramelized onions; Black Angus Ribeye with Béarnaise sauce and potatoes; traditional duck Parmentier served with Emmental cheese grat.

3. The Artist

The Artist is a fine dining restaurant that uses elements of the molecular gastronomy to emphasize the importance of creativity in cooking.

The place is owned by the Dutch Chef Paul Oppenkamp and his wife, Mihaela. Five years prior to opening The Artist, Chef Paul worked in the kitchen of the ultra-luxury yacht “The World” – the largest private mega yacht. During that time, he managed to exceed people’s expectations by surprising them with impressive gastronomic experiences.

The Dutch Chef knows exactly how to revolutionize fine dining. He plays with textures, flavors, and colors for each dish to create surprising combinations.

The menu, which changes every season, includes no more than five dishes per category: appetizers, mains, and desserts. Right now, you can find in the menu barley risotto, plum wood smoked salmon, lamb moussaka, or cucumber sorbet.

Experience Bucharest at Its Fullest

Bucharest Evening Tour and Traditional Dinner
Bucharest Evening Tour and Traditional Dinner

Fine dining in Bucharest is not a secret to you anymore – you now know the best places where you can go and enjoy a pleasant gastronomic experience that will satisfy your taste buds.

While you’re in Bucharest, you may also want to make the most of your trip and see some of the best tourist attractions. We’ve created a few tours which are perfect for doing so.

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