Experience the Last Days of Communism During This Amazing Shared Tour

Romania is close to celebrating 30 years of being a democracy. However, prior to this period, the country has been under communist rule for most of the latter half of the 20th century.

The Romanian Revolution took place between 16 and 25 December 1989. It was an event that culminated with the fall of the communist regime.

You can revisit all these episodes from the country’s past as part of a shared tour, which will give you the chance to see how the country’s history unfolded.

The Last Days of Communism in Romania Tour is an amazing experience for those passionate about history or for anyone who is looking to know more about Romania’s compelling past.

Last Days Communism Tour Bucharest
Last Days Communism Tour Bucharest

Understanding Communist Romania

When the Iron Curtain fell over Europe in 1945, many eastern European countries quickly became communist dictatorships. As part of this new political regime, countries would adopt the Soviet Union’s economic policies.

Countries would have an isolationist economic system that aimed to sever ties with the West. This system was heavily based on internal production.

Romania became a communist dictatorship in 1947. This period, starting with the ’50s and up until the regime’s dismantlement in 1989.

During this time, the life of the average Romanian citizen was bleak. Food supplies were scarce. Having a car was a luxury only a few could afford. And only one television program would air for one hour on Sunday.

Through the years, many massive structures and monuments were built to celebrate what was dubbed as the progress of the communist regime. These structures stand to this day and are a reminder of the country’s troubled past.

Last Days Communism Tour Bucharest
Last Days Communism Tour Bucharest

Visiting the Communist Monuments

The Last Days of Communism Tour consist of a series of visits to multiple important locations from the communist era. You will get the chance to visit many buildings which have a lot of historical significance.

With each monument you visit, you will uncover more and more parts of the country’s history, all the way up to the events which lead to the decline of the communist regime.

Here are a few notable landmarks from this shared tour:

  • The Free Press Square – It was built to be the main headquarters for the Communist Party’s newspaper. Up until 1990, a statue of Vladimir Lenin was on the building’s premises.
  • Revolution Square – The square where many of the popular manifestations took place. From this square, you can see the balcony from which Nicolae Ceausescu gave his last speech.
  • Palace of the Parliament – It served as headquarters for the Romanian communist dictators. It is a massive structure which even to this day holds the record of being the heaviest building in the world.
  • Spring Palace – It was the residence of Nicolae Ceausescu and his family.
Last Days Communism Tour Bucharest
Last Days Communism Tour Bucharest

Ready to Embark on This Shared Tour?

We hope this short presentation has ignited your interest in this riveting episode in Romania’s history.

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