Travel bloggers in Romania – Bucharest city Tour with Eikones & Psithyroi

Tzina Varotsi is our second travel blogger who visited Romania and accepted our invitation for the interview below. She enjoyed a Bucharest city tour during her short stay in Bucharest. Just enough time to unveil the secrets of Romania’s capital city to her readers. Impressions, thoughts, opinions, tips, and tricks, you can find them all in this article.

  1. Tzina, can you please tell us a couple of things about yourself and your travel blog: How everything started and what are you writing about?

Eikones & Psithyroi (lovefortravel.gr) (Icons & Whispers)  begun in July 2016 and is the sequel of my first blog (Ares Mares- Imerologio) which I created in August 2007 and had the form of a personal diary that documented moments of our everyday family life. The photography courses I had started a year before the “transition” from the first blog to the current one, soon started paying off and gave life to the words and the style of my content. Slowly the photos became the main element of the blog. Meanwhile, I started writing about our family trips and all the beautiful places we visited. Through “Icons & Whispers” I hope to share with you my experience from traveling in Greece and Europe.Quick questions:

2. Quick questions:

  • Sunset or sunrise? Sunset
  • City or countryside? Countryside
  • Beach or mountain? Mountains
  • Favorite quote? Life is short, let’s travel
  • I hate when I have to… return from a journey

3. Was this the first time when you visited Romania?

Yes, and I hope not the last one.

4. On our tours we met many tourists that, when they decided to visit Romania, they were asked by their friends “Why would you go to Romania?” or “Where is actually Romania?” So, in your case, what made you come and visit our country?

I am not a tourist, I am a traveler so I love traveling to new places.

5. You stayed in Bucharest for a short time and focused on what to do in Romania’s capital city. Can you name 3 places that you enjoyed visiting in Bucharest?

  • Definitely the Romanian Palace of Parliament. They do not say it is huge for no reason.
  • Bucharest Old town area for its vibrant life, numerous restaurant, small shops, pubs and bars, and beautiful architecture
  • The Romanian Athenaeum. It is a delicate building and I understand from Matei, my tour guide, that it represents also the emblematic building of Bucharest. Very nice, indeed.
Palace of Parliament, Romania

6. Is Bucharest “Little Paris”?

I’ve not visited Paris yet, I’ll go there next April so, after that, I will able to answer this question. 🙂

7. Expectation Vs Reality in Bucharest. Before coming here, I am sure you have read about the highlights of Bucharest. Which were the places that you really wanted to see and what was your impression after visiting them? The enthusiasm was the same after seeing them?

I knew that the Romanian Palace of the Parliament was a huge building (second-largest administrative building in the world) but I guess that only after visiting it, I realized how big it is. The story, how it was built in such a short time, the neighborhoods that were demolished, the view from the official balcony, the chandeliers, the carpets, the large halls, everything is overwhelming and impressive.

Also, I really enjoyed walking in Bucharest old town. I did not know about this small vibrant “heart” of Bucharest, the restaurants, the pubs, quaint churches, small streets. It is a very nice place to eat and simply walk and watch passers-by. 

8. Name 3 words that could describe best your travel experience in Bucharest, Romania.

Enthusiasm, surprise, and impatience

9. Would you visit Romania again?

Certainly, there are so many places I want to visit.

10. Which is your next destination?


Thank you so much, Tzina, for visiting us and for sharing your opinion about your journey to Romania.

Read more about what to do in Bucharest in only one day on Eikones & Psithyroi travel blog Lovefortravel.gr . Enjoy! 🙂


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