Top Bran Castle Facts – the Most Famous Castle of Romania

The mysterious citadel that inspired the famous legend about vampires, has many interesting aspects that will spark your interest. These Bran Castle facts will convince you to plan a trip to Romania in 2020. 

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Now let’s focus on the top Bran Castle Facts that will make you want to visit.

1. Changing the entrance

As a new visitor, you’ll take the winding path, go up the stairs, and arrive in the palace by passing through the oak door. This new entrance was actually a choice made during the restoration period of Bran Castle under Queens Marie’s watchful eye. 

The original entrance, built in the 14th century, was actually a small door 25 feet above the ground. They used a drawbridge to get to it and to keep the fortification impenetrable. It is amazing to consider the effort it took to dig through the rock in order to create it.

2. Bram Stoker never visited the fortress

What made this Romanian destination so popular is the connection to the famous character “Dracula”. But we know that Bram Stoker never actually visited Romania. 

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Bran Castle

The main character of his famous novel is loosely based on the Romanian ruler Vlad Țepeș, commonly called Vlad Drăculea. A historical figure that he had researched.

The place where the author imagined the citadel from the book to be is actually a hundred kilometers, in the northern area of Romania.

3. Queen’s Marie’s hearth is kept in Bran Castle

This structure became officially a palace when it was offered as a wedding gift to Queen Marie in 1920. She fell in love with the location and brought the royal architect to bring back this residence from its ruins.

Throughout her life, she personalized the mansion to her unique needs. In her will, she mentioned she wanted her heart to always be with this building as she cared for it deeply. Her hearth was included in a silver box with the Romanian and Great Britain flags around it and then placed in the marble sarcophagus.

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The citadel perched on top of the cliff is a topic of endless conversations and even controversy. From its unclear connection to the monsters, we read about and see in movies, to the important connection to the Romanian royal family. To separate between the truth and the rumors you’ll have to visit Bran Castle for yourself.

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