3 Amazing Medieval Festivals in Romania to Include on Your Travel List

Transylvania is one of the most spectacular regions in Romania. It inherited the historical heritage from the Saxon colonists, who came here in the Middle Ages and built medieval towns which stand to this day.

Some of the most popular medieval festivals in Romania take place in this region and it’s definitely something you want to add to your travel list.

These events will help you get a glimpse of the Middle Ages and you’ll become part of the story thanks to the medieval performances (dance, theater, music), and the fairytale decor.

The Main Medieval Festivals in Romania You Can Attend This Summer

1. Sighisoara Medieval Festival

The first edition of the festival took place back in 1992 and it has quickly become the most popular one in the country. Every summer, it takes place during the last weekend of July. This year, it will happen between 27-29 July in Sighisoara, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Romania.

The festival attracts somewhere around 30.000 visitors every year and the organizers make sure to come up with many different activities for every participant, from kids to elder people.

Every main plaza of the citadel will be animated by:

  • Craft workshops (pottery, carpentry, ironmongery, jewelry making);
  • Exhibitions;
  • Medieval music and dance shows;
  • Archery;
  • Demonstrative medieval-style fights;
  • Street theater plays;
  • Medieval poetry.

Sighisoara Medieval Festival does an excellent job of reviving an era which is long gone. It’s the ideal place to be if you want to experience something different, full of history and traditions.


2. Medieval Festival of Transylvanian Citadels

This festival, which has been organized for the last fourteen years, takes place in the historical center of Sibiu, another stunning medieval city. The date set for the 2018 edition is between 24-26 August, the last weekend of the last month of summer.

For three days straight, the city invites everyone to celebrate the city and its rich history.

Every year, the festival starts with the traditional parade, where all the artists are dressed in medieval garments.

Then, the event will continue with live concerts of medieval music, duels, craft workshops and medieval fairs.

The festival represents an amazing opportunity to learn how people lived in the Middle Ages and how they survived.

3. Bistrita Medieval Celebrations

Bistrita is a medieval town with a rich Saxon heritage. To promote their region and the history of the town, the Cultural Association Medieval Bistrita and the Municipal Cultural Center have been organizing this festival since 2007.

Every year, the organizers come up with a variety of activities which participants of all ages can enjoy.

The medieval atmosphere is recreated through tournaments of full-contact fights, fire shows, paladins and guardsman camps, medieval fair, and of course, medieval music.

You can’t help but be mesmerized at how vividly centuries-old traditions are brought to life.

Get to Experience More than Medieval Festivals in Romania

If you’re a festival-goer and passionate about medieval history, then you should definitely put on your travel list at least one of these medieval festivals in Romania.

Also, while you’re in Transylvania, you should make the most of it and visit as many attractions as possible in the area.

Booking a tour is one of the most convenient ways to ensure you get to see as many landmarks as possible.

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